Have complete goods inspected in China and sort out defective goods

In the case of particularly high-quality goods, make sure that the goods are 100% flawless while still in China.

100% goods control in China

Sorting out defective goods makes sense especially for very high-quality products, such as jewelry. Defective items are sorted out in order to make improvements if necessary or not have to accept the products at all. You have the option of only accepting 100% defect-free goods or having all defective goods repaired by the supplier. Since it is common in international law to assume that no one can produce perfectly and that one must expect a percentage of defective items (usually 2% to 5% is assumed), you should contractually agree such measures with the supplier in advance or assume the costs for them yourself and include them in your calculations.

Control of high quality goods from China

A small percentage of defective goods must always be taken into account with inexpensive items. This is normal and part of regular import processes. The situation is different for very high-value products. In this case, it is advisable to sort out defective goods in China, as even low defect rates can result in considerable reductions in value. As part of our inspection services, we offer to inspect your high quality goods from China. Sorting out defective goods in China has the following advantages for you, for example:

  • Have defective goods delivered separately and repair them yourself
  • Do not accept defective goods in the first place
  • Have defective goods repaired by the manufacturer


Especially high quality goods from China

Which goods you let us inspect and sort out depends on your requirements and ideas, as well as on the agreements made with the manufacturer. In principle, it makes sense to sort out defective goods in China if they are particularly high-quality products. These can be, for example:

  • Jewelry
  • High quality electronic goods
  • Antiques and collectibles
  • quality clothes/ bags/ shoes


100% control: contractually specify proportion of defective goods in advance

In the case of high-value goods, it is important to contractually fix the tolerable proportion of defective goods in advance. This happens during the contract negotiations, which we as your China importer are happy to conduct with the producer according to your wishes. This way you have 100% control in China and don’t have to argue with the manufacturer about defective items afterwards.

It is advisable to make a calculation before negotiating the contract: Sometimes it may be cheaper to pay for the repair or loss of defective items yourself; in other cases, an agreement with the producer is advantage We advise you as an experienced China importer, which way is best for you individually.

On average, a proportion of 2 to 5 percent of defective articles is expected in international law. We will be happy to advise you on which quota is realistic and reasonable in your market segment, and which steps can be derived from this for the control of high-quality goods from China. With us on your side, you have 100% control over your valuable goods.


Sorting out defective goods in China – a service of the Agentur Frisch

As your all-round specialist for China import, Agentur Frisch naturally also offers you absolutely reliable control of high-quality goods from China – so you always have 100% control over what you pay money for. We inspect and sort out, control quality and packaging, and stand for all this with our good name. The Agentur Frisch has many years of experience and a large number of regular customers. Behind this lasting success is first and foremost the will to do a clean job: we want you to be truly satisfied.

Inspecting high quality goods from China is a building block to your and our success and to a profitable, positive trade relations in China. Sorting out defective goods in China is important to reduce costs, keep logistics lean, and make the tasks to be done in Germany manageable. Reworking or sorting out on site makes more sense in many cases than tackling this activity after transport to Germany has taken place.

We will be happy to find out for you which procedure is best for you in particular when sorting out and inspecting high-quality goods from China.


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I commissioned the Agentur Frisch to have a larger piece of furniture produced in China and then to transfer it to Germany. Communication via email was smooth the whole time! Very quick and reliable answers constantly gave me the security that is essential in such an undertaking. I was helped through the bureaucratic jungle at all times and no forms were forgotten or filled out incorrectly. Very commendable!



Everything top. It doesn’t get any better than this. Consulting and implementation can not be done better. We are more than satisfied after several orders with this company and continue the cooperation.


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