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Listing of products on online marketplaces

Visibility for your products on Amazon and Co

The most beautiful product is of no use if it is not seen by customers. That’s why we take care of the listing of your products on online marketplaces and ensure that your goods are presented in the best possible light – and are noticed by as many people as possible. Among the services provided by Agentur Frisch in the context of listing:

  • Product photography
  • Creating the product texts
  • Product launch
  • Advertisements

Ideally, you should opt for a pre-ablisting. This way you can benefit from the advantages of listing your products on online marketplaces exactly when you can dispose of your delivered goods. This eliminates long start-up times for the business as well as high storage costs.

Of course, we will take over your Amazon listing or the listing of your products on other online marketplaces but also if they are already running. Here, too, we can usually achieve considerable success through optimization.


Pre-listing of your products

To enjoy all the benefits of listing, it makes sense to start listing as early as possible. We will gladly take over this task for you and create all entries and advertisements even before your goods have arrived from China. This way you can start as soon as the delivery arrives and you are already in the middle of the business.


Agentur Frisch – Your marketing partner for strong listing

Listing products on online marketplaces follows certain rules that market participants need to be aware of. Agentur Frisch has also been successfully active in this area for many years. We will determine the best course of action for your individual product in a consultation. This can involve partial services or a complete e-commerce setup. We offer the following listing services:

  • Product photography

Our experienced photographers know how to skillfully stage your product to create purchase incentives. Meaningful and promotionally effective photos are the result.


  • Product texts

Besides pictures, the right words are more important than anything else on the Internet: professional copywriters take care of your products and convey the benefits of your products to customers. With the right keywords and linguistic search engine optimization, we get the best out of your articles.


  • Product launch

There are several technical ways to rank products higher in the listing at Amazon and Co. Our experts know these and use all possibilities to place you optimally.


  • Advertisements

Advertisements on Google or Amazon are part of a successful marketing strategy within the e-commerce setup. Our online marketing professionals will get you to the top.


Amazon Listing – Top at the market leader

Amazon is the leading online marketplace, and as such is especially important for your e-commerce setup. Jeff Bezos’ platform follows its own listing rules. The marketing experts of Agentur Frisch are familiar with these and can ideally bring your products to the front in the Amazon Listing.

As the core platform of online commerce, we take Amazon Listing particularly seriously. This is where your big wins take place. How successful your e-commerce setup is depends on the measures you take. Don’t leave the listing of your products on online marketplaces like Amazon to chance – put it in the hands of professionals who know exactly what they’re doing.

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I commissioned the Agentur Frisch to have a larger piece of furniture produced in China and then to transfer it to Germany. Communication via email was smooth the whole time! Very quick and reliable answers constantly gave me the security that is essential in such an undertaking. I was helped through the bureaucratic jungle at all times and no forms were forgotten or filled out incorrectly. Very commendable!



Everything top. It doesn’t get any better than this. Consulting and implementation can not be done better. We are more than satisfied after several orders with this company and continue the cooperation.


Simone L.