Air freight from China

Air freight is one of the fastest shipping options from China and is worthwhile from a chargeable weight of approx. 100 kg. The transport time is usually 2 to 3 weeks. The variation of the transport time depends on some factors, e.g. B. due to the large number of companies involved in a transport but also weather conditions, economic situations or even pandemics. Of course, we manage your freight from collection through customs clearance to delivery to you or any other destination of your choice. Air freight shipments have a high priority for us, because we know that when the customer books expensive air freight, it is particularly urgent.


Chargeable Weight & Dimensional Weight

The chargeable weight is calculated as follows:

Number of packages x (height x width x length of packages) / 5000 = dimensional weight

Then the dimensional weight is compared to the real weight, whichever is higher now is the chargeable weight that is used for billing in air freight. This is intended to achieve an economical weight, because an aircraft is limited by the weight (max. loading weight of the aircraft) but also by the volume of goods, so that both are considered.




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