Commodity inspection in China

By inspecting goods in China, you are sure of the product quality before the goods leave China.

Commodity inspection in China

In goods inspection, the goods are booked after the items have been completed, once the goods are fully packed. This is to ensure that the goods have been manufactured according to the buyer’s specifications and that the quantity produced corresponds to the buyer’s specifications. We offer inspections in particular in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea and India. The inspector takes samples from the goods and visually inspects them for overall appearance, quality, dimensions, colour, packaging and other important product details, primarily details that you have specified as particularly important when booking the inspection.


Check according to AQL

Product quality: The quality of the end product is checked against the Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL). If the inspector has been sent a sample, the inspector will compare the quality based on the sample, otherwise he is dependent on your precise descriptions. During the inspection, it is also important to assess the shipping packaging in order to avoid damage in transit. Other important details such as B. Functions, technical properties and handling can be tested according to your specifications, provided that the factory has the necessary test equipment. Of course, checking the labeling is also part of the scope of a goods inspection, because incorrect labeling of the product and/or packaging can lead to warnings, fines, recalls or poor ability to allocate the goods.


A goods inspection before shipping the goods from China is essential


In almost all countries, due to globalization, there are also products that come from other parts of the world – including Germany. After Germany had to cede the title of “Export World Champion” to China this year, one wonders how the quality of the products manufactured abroad is, especially because of the strong Imports from China looks.

Goods from China or other Asian countries are very popular in Germany due to the low price, but are also known to be of inferior quality, which is only partially correct. Products from China can also be of high quality, although the proportion is lower compared to Germany. But why is the quality on average worse than in other countries?

Companies often relocate their production to these regions – especially to China – because goods can be produced very cheaply due to the lack of laws, environmental regulations and low labor costs. Unfortunately, material and machines are often saved in order to further increase profits. In addition, employees often have to work under great time pressure, so that parts cannot be installed and checked thoroughly and goods usually leave the factory without being checked for functionality.

The products manufactured in China are then shipped to Germany and other countries and can be sold there at a very reasonable price, despite transport and customs costs. Compared to China, there are many guidelines in Germany that must be observed when manufacturing goods. In addition, wage costs for workers in Germany are more than 5 times higher. In addition, manufactured products are subject to strict standards Quality controls designed to protect the consumer and make it difficult to produce inferior goods. All these factors are responsible for the comparatively high prices.

So are goods from China bad? This question can be answered clearly with no. There are also companies in China that produce very high-quality products, just like there are products in different price/quality categories in Germany. Why are quality products from China not so well known in Germany? High-quality goods are expected in Germany and since high-quality goods are mostly manufactured on behalf of large foreign brand companies (OEM), no thought is given to the fact that these are also goods from China. Many smaller importers, on the other hand, neglect the topic quality assurance or want to pay so little for the goods that manufacturers can only use inferior materials.

Even if it is not very familiar, China is technically at a high level, which can be seen very well in the car industry, for example. Imported models often contain a lot of technology that is manufactured in these regions of the world, which is hardly visible to the customer. In general, today’s consumers can no longer know where the product I’m buying was made. The place of manufacture is stated on the packaging, but the customer does not know whether individual parts were manufactured abroad despite a “Made in Germany” seal.

By one of your own Quality Assurance in China you can significantly minimize the risk in the quality of your own imports from China. Therefore, it is imperative to self quality controls and Commodity Inspections to carry out when importing products from China.

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