Contract and price negotiations

China Import Agentur Frisch prepares the purchase contract and conducts contract and price negotiations with the manufacturer in China.

Contract and price negotiation with the manufacturer in China

Anything that has not been expressly agreed and negotiated in China leads to significant risks. Therefore, in this step we draw up a contract that will facilitate us the conformity of the product, as well as the steps of production, the warranty conditions, the delivery conditions and schedule management. As part of the contract negotiations, a price negotiation is usually carried out again.


Contractually fix safety and quality

There are a few things to keep in mind when producing in China. Having a contract that is as complete and clear as possible is an important part of a positive China import experience. If there are omissions here, they often lead to disappointments and risks. This makes it all the more important to contractually fix all the points in question from the outset. Agentur Frisch will also be happy to perform this service for you as part of the China import. The following points, among others, must be specified in a contract:

  • Product and product quality (conformity)
  • Production
  • Warranty conditions
  • Delivery terms
  • Termination


Product and product quality

“Made in China” has long been a symbol of poor quality. Fortunately, Chinese production has now largely moved away from this negative image. This is already ensured by the strict German import regulations, which also include the declaration of conformity as part of the Product Safety Act. As an economic operator, you are obliged to comply with the applicable regulations. Violations are not only punishable, but also harm the business. Agentur Frisch therefore attaches great importance to taking all aspects of conformity into account right from the start. These are for example:

  • Risk assessment
  • safety instructions
  • Sampling/sample testing
  • CE marking
  • Conformity to standards
  • EC Declaration of Conformity

Without a flawless approach in this area, a smooth China import is not possible. A determination by purchase contract is indispensable in China import!



There are strict regulations for the production and the production controls to be carried out within this framework. This point cannot be left in the hands of the Chinese manufacturers, as they sometimes have different regulations and ideas. In order to maintain German standards and behave lawfully, the conditions of production must be recorded in the purchase contract of your China import.

Specify warranty and delivery terms in the purchase contract

The terms of the manufacturer’s warranty and proper delivery must also not be left to chance. Otherwise, high costs and considerable risks for the safety and process of the China import can be the result. Therefore, Agentur Frisch treats the warranty and delivery terms as part of the contract negotiations when importing China. So you can buy directly from the manufacturer in China without worry.

The points fixed in the purchase contract should also include clear appointment management.


Agentur Frisch leads the contract and price negotiations

Of course, you can also handle the contract and price negotiations with your trading partner in China yourself. Normally, however, it makes sense for an experienced China importer with the relevant know-how to take care of this. Agentur Frisch conducts price negotiations for your China import directly with the manufacturer. We have comparative values as well as the linguistic and cultural knowledge to achieve optimal results in your interest.

Also the further points of the contract negotiations of your China import we negotiate after consultation gladly according to your desires with the producer. We do not leave any part of the contract to chance, but are committed to ensuring that you, as our customer, receive the optimum contractual conditions.


Security and transparency thanks to clear contracts

The audited contracts of our legal experts are watertight and save you from surprises. In doing so, we always act in accordance with the current state of the law, are aware of new rulings and are always informed about developments in international contract law. Leaving the contract negotiations for your China import to Agentur Frisch offers you:

  • reliability
  • Security
  • Quality
  • Time and cost savings

We would also be happy to act for you – contact us and we will take care of the drafting of your China import sales contract for you!


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We organize the complete import from China for our customers. The following images will take you to the areas of our main services.

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