Forwarding to Amazon & Fulfillment through our intermediate warehouse

Your goods from China can be delivered directly to Amazon for the FBA program through our stock4u brand. To do this, they first have to go to our interim storage facility, where we prepare the shipments for Amazon FBA or for individual shipping.


stock4u has been operating under the umbrella brand of Agentur Frisch since 2019. Our storage locations with a total of 250 high racks are:


Warehouse of the Brandenburg branch (e-Best) : Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 118; 15732 Schulzendorf

Warehouse of the Berlin branch (BER): Dorfstr. 53, 12529 Schönefeld OT Waßmannsdorf



Store your goods with us and still keep a full overview of your warehouse. Whether temporary storage, shipping for your online shop, Amazon or Ebay – we take over the warehousing for your company and you have control over interfaces.


We use the latest technology in the fulfillment area in our warehouses. You can track incoming and outgoing goods transparently at any time and always have an overview of your goods. Through our platform and connections, we guarantee you 100% processing quality. Our team takes care of the entire process of storage and shipping so you can focus on your work. Thanks to our large support team, we are always available for you.


We take care of the interim storage and onward shipping

If you wish, your goods can be temporarily stored in our interim storage facilities in Hamburg, Berlin and Brandenburg and forwarded to your direct customers or fulfillment partners as required.

Individual shipment of your goods in all online platforms

If you wish, we can also take care of the individual shipment of your goods. Through the connection with stock4u, we automatically receive the orders from your sales channels such as ebay, amazon or your online shop in our system and the individual shipment runs automatically for you. You can also have your goods marketed via stock4u’s own marketplace.

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