Express shipping from China and collect sample from China

We will assist you in collecting small consignments from China and express shipping from China.

Express shipping from China

We are the experts for your shipping from China and will find the best way for your freight. If you need it fast, then express shipping from China is recommended.



Express shipping from China

If you need goods very quickly in Germany, we can gladly organize express shipping for you. There are also different models for express shipping. Premium Express only takes about 5 days, but is almost twice as expensive as Economy (savings) shipping, which takes about 14 days. This is also recommended for very small shipments with a volume weight of up to around 100 kg. We can also handle small sample shipments for you by express.


Collecting sample shipments in China

You are also welcome to collect the sample shipments from us, and then we will be happy to send you the samples from a wide range of suppliers as one shipment, so that each individual sample shipment does not have to be sent to you at great expense.


Import & customs clearance

With express shipping, the import and customs clearance is taken care of by the express service, the fee for the express parcel service, the customs duties and import sales tax will then be billed to you by the shipping service that delivers the goods. However, we prepare everything as well as possible in advance so that you do not have any inconvenience. In order for the goods to be cleared through customs, you will need an EORI number, but we will provide it during shipping so that the shipping service providers can clear customs without any problems.


Express shipping from China

If it should go times faster: Express shipping from China

Regular shipping from China takes about a month. Slight deviations from this are normal and cannot be influenced. There are cases when you need your goods much faster. Then it is possible to make an express shipment, where the goods will take 5 to 14 days to reach you, depending on the shipping model. In these cases, it may make sense to hire an express courier from China:

  • Sample shipment from China
  • Shipping perishable goods
  • Urgently needed goods

There are several reasons to choose express shipping. We will be happy to advise you whether this is really worth it in your particular case and what is the best option for you, because there are different models of express shipping.


Various models of express shipping

For whatever reason you individually choose express shipping, you need to be aware that it comes with a higher cost. It comes in different express levels:

  • Express Shipping from China (Economy)

This is the standard express shipping from China. It takes about 14 days from order to delivery. This makes it about twice as fast as normal shipping.


  • Express Shipping from China (Premium)

With a duration of 5 days until the arrival of the delivery, this is the fastest possible shipping via normal shipping methods.


Sample shipment from China

If you are planning to import from China, one of the first steps in the import process is to order an initial sample from China. On the basis of the initial sample, you can check whether the manufacturer meets your requirements, and most importantly, you can submit requests for changes in design, quality, materials and other aspects.

Especially for trend articles or goods with practically finished strategic planning, it can be useful to complete this step as quickly as possible in order to start production promptly. Shipping the initial sample via express shipping then speeds things up by at least two weeks. If you choose Express Shipping Premium for your sample shipment from China, you can usually even inspect your initial sample within five business days.

Sample shipping from China is a good option, as it is usually smaller and therefore less expensive than express shipping for large or bulky items. The advantage of express shipping from China is particularly obvious here.


Express courier from China

You want to have your goods from China in Germany as soon as possible? Then it is recommended to hire an express courier from China. Depending on what you are willing to spend, such an individually commissioned express courier from China can achieve delivery times that would be impossible to make through the regular channels – up to delivery in the next few days. This can be worthwhile for particularly expensive goods, and is especially advisable for smaller items, such as sample shipping from China of small and expensive items.


Individual shipping solutions from Agentur Frisch

From sensitive medical devices to brand new wheel loaders, we’ll find the shipping option that makes the most sense for you and your products. For this purpose, we use the following options in addition to express shipping from China:

  • Air freight
  • Rail freight
  • Sea freight
  • Express courier


Often, mixed shipping routes are also available, where, for example, part of the goods go ahead by air freight and a larger part take the slower and cheaper route by sea freight. We will be happy to determine which shipping solution is best for your individual project in a consultation.

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