Rail freight from China

Rail freight is an alternative to sea freight. Although the train is twice as fast as a container ship at around 14 days, the pre-carriage and on-carriage takes a little longer, but you can save a total of around 10 to 14 days. In addition, rail freight is much cheaper than air freight. On average, it’s 50% cheaper than flying. However, since you also pay about three times as much as with sea freight, you should check in advance whether the savings of “only” 14 days are really worth it.


By train over the Silk Road to Germany

With the fast alternative along the Silk Road, you can have urgent goods transported that you want to get to you faster than sea freight, but which are not in such a hurry that you want to book air freight directly. Alternatively, we also recommend the option of transporting part by sea and only a small part by air if you only need part of the goods in the 14 days you save anyway, the rest then comes by sea. Departure points in China for the rail freight are Chongqing, Wuhan, Xian and Zhengzhou in China and the trains arrive in Germany at Duisburg, Hamburg and Munich.