Sea freight from China

We ship your goods by sea freight from China to EU, for example to Hamburg, Rotterdam or Antwerp.

Sea freight from China

The standard shipping method for most goods

Most goods sent from China to Germany come by sea. The advantage of this transport option is the extraordinarily low price. Considerable savings are possible here compared to rail or even air freight. The disadvantage is the relatively long transportation time of sea freight from China, depending on the product. For delivery by sea container from China you should choose if you:

  • have large quantities to ship
  • want the best price for shipping
  • can wait for your goods 4-6 weeks

The sea freight shipping route from China is a proven route that is particularly manageable and calculable.


Shipping large quantities by sea container from China

If you import large quantities of items or bulky goods, container transportation from China by sea is the best choice in most cases. Depending on the provider, sea freight is worthwhile from 100 kilograms (FOB – until on board) or 200 kilograms (EXW – ex works), or 0.5 and 1 cubic meters. If you want to send smaller shipments/quantities or for example first samples, we recommend air freight or direct express shipping from China.


Duration of shipment by sea freight from China

A ship takes a certain amount of time to travel by sea from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean, through the Suez Canal and finally via the Mediterranean and Atlantic to Europe. Four to six weeks of transport time are realistic – after all, there are huge distances to cover. These times may vary slightly up or down, but usually the deadlines are within this range.

Recently, the Northeast Passage through the Arctic has also been considered. It is possible that the transport times for sea freight from China will still be reduced considerably, by around two weeks – but this is still pie in the sky and we do not currently offer it to our customers as standard.


Clear advantage of the sea route: low costs

Express and air freight are the most expensive, but even rail freight still costs three times as much as shipping. Container transportation from China by sea is the cheapest way to ship goods from China to Germany. Among other factors – such as relative independence from political blockades on the mainland – the sea route is therefore the most frequently chosen method of transport.


Loads, groupage and LCL (general cargo) by sea freight from China

Agentur Frisch has a consolidated container transported to Germany every week from practically every main Chinese port. This offers you the possibility to enclose your general cargo shipments in our sea container from China. This option of LCL (Less than Container Load) freight will save you a lot of money.

Also, you can have us collect your goods from various manufacturers from China and ship them in a container.


Agentur Frisch – Your logistics service provider for container transport from China

Based on our extensive experience in China import and all related services, we can determine the best transportation route for you in a consultation. In connection with this, we also find and recommend the best service providers for the various transport sections.

Other services provided by Agentur Frisch include:

  • Advance if necessary at EXW (from supplier to port in China)
  • Shipping of sea freight containers (20FCL/ 40FCL and 40HQ)
  • Shipment of general cargo (LCL) from China
  • Collective container of your goods from different suppliers from China
  • Transport insurance coverage
  • Customs clearance at the port in Europe/Germany (e.g. Rotterdam/Hamburg)
  • Delivery within the EU e.g. by rail or truck


Contact us – we look forward to putting our expertise at the service of your container transport from China!

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