Import & customs clearance

So that you don’t have to deal with the import and customs clearance yourself, we or our logistics partners handle this for you. If, contrary to expectations, there is a customs inspection or official inspections, we will be happy to take care of the relevant communication with the authorities for you.


Smooth customs control with the Frisch agency

The controls by the strict customs are a fear issue for many entrepreneurs when importing from China. Not with us. The Frisch Agency has years of extensive experience in importing a wide variety of goods into Germany. We know the processes, obligations and possibilities very well. As our customer, you benefit from this with your China import. We provide unproblematic customs declaration of your goods from China, and bring your shipment safely to Germany.


The customs declaration of your goods from China

A customs declaration is a necessary part of China import. It is usually submitted by us or our logistics partners as part of your China import via the Frisch Agency, you do not need to do anything else yourself. Components of the customs declaration of your goods from China are normally:

  • Invoice
  • Bill of lading
  • Packing list
  • other customs documents (e.g. movement certificate, surveillance document, certificate of origin)

Which documents are necessary within the scope of the roll declaration of your goods from China depends on the type of ordered products. We know our way around the jungle of regulations and take care of a flawless customs declaration so that your shipment reaches you without any problems.


Help in case of China import customs inspection

Despite successful customs declaration and professional completion of all formalities, you are never one hundred percent safe from a customs inspection when importing from China. But that is no cause for concern. The Frisch agency also has sufficient experience in this field and has contacts so that a customs inspection for China imports does not lead to problems. For example, Customs may order these forms of Customs inspection:

  • Quantity survey
  • Condition inspection
  • Value inspection
  • Tariff inspection

The basis for a smoothly completed customs inspection is always flawless production, responsible handling of declarations of conformity and regulations, as well as a professional customs declaration – Agentur Frisch fulfills all these services conscientiously and reliably. Customs inspection of your China import is not a drama with us, it is just another step that will be taken care of.


Inspection by product safety authority

With thorough preparation of the China import and proper customs declaration of the goods from China, there is usually no inspection by the product safety authority. If you have the misfortune of being subjected to an official inspection as part of a random inspection or for other reasons, we will be happy to take care of this issue for you. We take care of the communication with the authorities and do all the necessary activities within the scope of the inspection for you. So even in the unlikely event of an inspection by the product safety authority, you can rest easy – your goods will reach you without any problems thanks to the Frisch Agency.


Communication with authorities

Communication with the authorities in case of irregularities in your China import would fail for many of our valued customers already due to the language barrier. We have native speakers and professional interpreters who can undoubtedly do a better job of communication. Dealing with customs and authorities is part of our daily bread and is carried out by us professionally and purposefully in every language. We always have the result in mind: a successful China import with completely satisfied players.


One will never be able to completely exclude customs controls and audits by authorities; they are part of the import business. However, with conscientious and correct work and a constructive approach to controls, it is possible to ensure that they do not negatively affect trade.


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