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In order to successfully import e.g. For example, being from China requires a high level of specialist knowledge, an understanding of the mentality in the People’s Republic of China, which is so far away, and a strategic approach when dealing with Chinese suppliers. The same applies to imports from other third countries, e.g. B. Korea, Vietnam, India or the USA.

Important information for importing from China and other third countries

Find out about foreign trade, especially imports from China, India, Vietnam, Korea and the USA

prejudice against the Chinese

There are a lot of things you hear about Chinese people about Chinese, such as: B. that all Chinese are small or all Chinese eat dogs, but are the prejudices really all true?

Network meeting for buyers related to Asia

The Frisch agency organizes nationwide buyer network meetings, especially for buyers with a connection to Asia, especially with regard to China

The import brokerage of the China Import Agency

As a sales representative, the agency Frisch can take care of all your purchases from China and take care of all your purchases from China.

US import

In particular, interesting cars, motorcycles, sports boats or food find their way from the USA to the EU. The Frisch agency can provide you with optimal support when importing from the USA. With two branches in the USA, the Frisch agency is also well positioned on the American continent.

Chinese imports

China is the world’s export champion and the world’s workbench. Anyone who deals with international shopping and wants to shop cheaply will in most cases not be able to avoid China.

India import

With the takeover of Sourceit, the agency has also secured the interface to the Indian market. With an office in India, the agency also has the opportunity to provide most of the services for imports from India.

Korea import

The Korea import experts at the Frisch agency provide you with full service even if you want to import from Korea.

Vietnamese imports

Many products that were mainly imported from China a few years ago are now more likely to be produced in Vietnam. This includes many household items or even shoes. The Frisch agency has an office in Vietnam and can support you with Vietnam imports.

Risks when importing from China

When importing from China or from other importing countries such as India, Vietnam or Korea, there are numerous risks that can lead to high losses or even to existential problems. We minimize your risks to almost zero.

Fancy fees for CIF deliveries from China

‘With CIF deliveries from China, India or Vietnam, CIF actually assumes that the shipping has already been paid for, but in reality it is much more expensive than you think.

Cooperation with Chinese agents

It is a big risk to rely on Chinese intermediaries, even if at first you feel like you have someone there you can rely on.

The ten most important rules when importing from China

There are important rules that you should definitely follow when importing from China in order not to experience a flop right away. David Frisch, Managing Director of the Frisch Agency, lists them here.

Business trip to China

If you would like to travel to China, the agency will be happy to be there for you in China. We would be happy to accompany you on site and support you in meetings with your Chinese suppliers.

Sourceit your import supervisor from Hamburg

Sourceit was founded in Munich in 2005 and belongs to the Frisch agency. The Frisch agency has integrated sourceit into the Hamburg branch. Sourceit specializes in importing from China and India.

China import blog

Find out more about other China import topics in our China Import Blog. We also provide regular information there about other current topics.

Legal advice for the China import business

Before importing to China, you should seek legal advice in the area of protection of third-party intellectual property or before distribution to avoid mistakes under competition law.

BAFA advisory funding

The Frisch agency is qualified to provide subsidized advice. The “Promotion of Entrepreneurial Know-How” program promotes advice for small and medium-sized companies.

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