Prejudices against Chinese


There are many prejudices against Chinese

this also knows the agency Frisch. The agency Frisch International Consulting is an import agency and organizes entire import projects from China for its customers. On this page we would like to address existing prejudices against China and the Chinese:


In China they eat dogs and cats

This is only a half truth. China is incredibly big, much bigger than Europe. Even in Europe we have unusual eating habits. We only have to look to Spain, Greece or Italy. Of course, eating habits in China vary greatly from province to province. In Guangdong province, people are known for eating habits that most people in other provinces of China cannot replicate. People in other provinces also find eating dogs or cats as incomprehensible as we do. In Guangdong, there are actually areas where dog or cat meat is very popular and part of the normal eating habits.

All Chinese are small
This is not correct either. All you have to do is read the Guinness Book of World Records, which lists a Chinese as the tallest naturally grown man. The tallest woman in the world is also from China. In China, body size varies from region to region. Just as a Norwegian is usually taller than an Italian here, the Chinese from the north, e.g. B. Beijing or Tianjin usually much larger than Chinese from the south, such. B. Hunan or Guangdong.

All Chinese are only allowed to have one child
There is a one-child policy, but it doesn’t interfere with individual decisions as much as is believed in the West. There are numerous exceptions. The one-child policy generally does not apply to the 56 non-Han peoples of China. In addition, the one-child policy also applies to Han Chinese only if you are registered as a declared household of certain cities. In small towns and rural areas, as well as in many districts co-governed by larger cities, this does not apply. In contrast to here, you do not count as a resident of a city if you live there, but the entire household must be registered for the city. In order to get such approval for the recognition of the household for a larger city, many conditions have to be met (e.g. degree, professional career, certain income, etc.). If you live in a city where the one-child policy applies, but officially still keep your household in a village, the one-child rule does not apply to you. With certain applications and fines, however, the ban on having a second child can also be lifted for householders in larger cities – and anyone who manages their household in a large city can usually afford it.

The Communist Party rules everything in China
This too is misrepresented by the western media. The communist party does not exist as such, but all parties in China are communist because China is a communist country. Thus, there are a variety of parties and politicians that are united as communist parties. This association consists of many different parties with a wide variety of interests, which are always fighting to assert their own interests in the federal government. Thus, there is a wide variety of influences from different interest groups from the different provinces in this federation.