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between the client

– hereinafter referred to as the company –


Agentur Frisch International Consulting GmbH & Co. KG
– hereinafter referred to as commercial agent –

General terms and conditions for commercial agency contracts

consistent with the basic conditions of HGB § 84 ff., see also the validity for the purchasing intermediary; W. Kohlhammer page 107 section b.

General terms and conditions for consultations

General terms and conditions for logistics contracts / shipping and warehousing

1. attention for transport orders, the invoice is issued approximately two weeks after the order and payment is then due within two weeks.

2. logistics price refers to full containers for container delivery by rail, if the container needs to be unloaded, a lifting platform must be brought and then the delivery must be made by truck, please urgently inform me in advance, because then we have to calculate differently.

3. freight offers always refer to the date of departure of the ship or the date of departure of the airplane, e.g. if you arrive on 30. of a month place an order on an offer valid until 31st of the month, then the departure is no longer feasible until the expiry of the validity of the offer. The date on which you accepted the offer does not apply here.

4. transport insurance according to the display (approx. 3 to 5 per thousand of the value of goods, min. 20 Euro).

Otherwise, the General Forwarders Terms and Conditions (link above) apply.