Analysis of purchasing and sales regulations

We provide reliable and expert advice and can offer you exactly the advice and service you need for your purchase.

Analysis of purchasing rules in China & rules for distribution

For each product there are rules that must be observed during production, export from China, import into the EU, sales in the EU and operation in the EU. We scrupulously analyze the rules of your product and set up the plan to comply and follow the rules.

Analysis of purchasing and sales regulations

Certificates and safety when importing from China

Even though global markets are growing ever closer together: legal regulations for product quality and the like still diverge widely internationally. In order to avoid problems when importing products from China, it is imperative to comply with the existing regulations. These include in the main:

  • Certificates
  • Rules for production and import
  • Standards and guidelines

The regulations you must comply with depend largely on the products you import. We as China import agency give you reliable and professional advice.


Strong compliance controls – we get you through it

Food, electrical engineering, children’s toys: many product groups have their own national safety regulations. We can tell you exactly what these are and how you can meet the requirements – and provide you with the appropriate service directly. Among the multitude of regulations, laws and directives are:

  • battery regulation
  • Organic certification
  • DIN standards testing
  • Electromagnetic compatibility testing (EMC)
  • ERP guideline (Ecodesign guideline)
  • LFGB – Food and Feed Code
  • Medical Directive
  • Measuring Devices Directive
  • Personal Safety Equipment (PPE)

And many more. With the multitude of conditions present, it is absolutely necessary to work with professionals in order to avoid customs problems when importing China – Frisch Agency is at your side with plenty of know-how and commitment.


Product conformity as the key for trade

We have extensive experience in the market. Part of our daily business is to deal with a wide variety of regulations and conditions that apply to the import of products from China. Therefore, we can offer you exactly the advice and service you need for your purchase. In order to provide you with optimal service and security, we operate with subsidiaries. So we can be sure that there will be no customs problems when importing from China.


Risk assessment before China import

Part of our service spectrum is also the preceding risk analysis: We examine your entire trading process for possible problems and give you important and clear recommendations for action. If further tests are required, you can have them carried out directly by us.

BOTH testing laboratories – a service of the Frisch agency

Before import, many products from China need to be tested, also you may need certificates for China import. To ensure that you can really trust the results of the tests, we have established our own test laboratories. This way, you will not only receive your inspection certificates, but you can also be sure that there are no nasty surprises waiting for you, such as customs problems when importing from China. Tests performed in our BOTH laboratories include, for example:

  • LFGB

Tests according to CE guidelines:

  • Toy Policy
  • Machinery Directive
  • EMC
  • LVD
  • RoHS


All around safe with China import at Frisch Agency

We want you to be completely satisfied with importing your products from China through us. Therefore, we guide you step by step through the entire purchasing process and, if you wish, take over all services. We will make sure that your import complies with the product safety law and that you have all the required certificates for China import. If certificates are already available, we will be happy to check them for authenticity and plausibility on request to prevent customs problems with your China import.

We will take care of the important issue of declaration of conformity for you and ensure that the entire purchasing process from the manufacturer in China runs absolutely smoothly.



Packaging Act and Electronic Waste Act

We confirm that the users of our e-Best and airbridge brands comply with the Packaging Act and the Electronic Waste Act.


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