Have your goods inspected in China

By monitoring the loading in China, you avoid wrong loads or unpleasant surprises if the wrong goods were loaded.

Loading control in China

the loading control is usually carried out on the day of loading. The loading of the goods is checked, in particular to check whether the correct goods are loaded in the specified form (possibly you have your own specifications on how the goods should be packed, e.g. on pallets) and above all whether the load is secure (if E.g. a machine in the container has to be fastened in such a way to avoid transport damage). During the loading control, the quantity of the products that are loaded in total is also checked. This avoids disputed shortages. If this could not already be checked during the inspection of the goods, the quality of the packaging (e.g. cartons, boxes, garbage cans, pallets) is also visually checked during loading.

Importing from China is extremely lucrative and offers significant profit margins. But there are also pitfalls that you need to know and be aware of in order to get the most out of the deal and avoid trouble in the first place. The loading inspection on site in China is an indispensable part of this. Here, unnecessary errors can be avoided right at the time of loading the goods in China. Our services within the scope of the control of your container shipment in China include:

  • agreed form of loading
  • Compliance with special requirements
  • Checking the safety of the load
  • Checking the quantity of goods
  • Packaging quality testing
  • Inspection of the sea freight container


Loading of the goods in China in correct form

Depending on the type of product, you have specific requirements for loading the goods. Perhaps some forms of packaging also make special sense for your further logistics, so attention must be paid to this in advance. Some traders require a special arrangement of goods or have specifications on how goods must be packed on pallets when loading in China. Agentur Frisch as your import partner takes care of the smooth and agreed loading of your goods in China with employees on site. We use only reliable and experienced employees for this purpose.

If you have individual requirements for the loading of your goods in China, please discuss them with us as early as possible. Almost all special features can be taken into account and secured within the framework of a loading inspection in China.


Cargo safety inspection – container loading control in China

Carelessness in securing the load can lead to significant problems. They cannot be completely ruled out even for experienced and trustworthy packers. For this reason, we carry out additional control of container loading in China with trained professionals. In this way, we can avoid damage to your goods and further risks. This applies not only, but especially to larger and vulnerable cargo such as:

  • Large machines
  • Fragile goods
  • Dangerous goods

In principle, however, every delivery is carefully and conscientiously subjected by us to an inspection during container loading in China.


Checking the quantity of goods

During the loading inspection in China, we also check the quantity of products that are loaded in total. Disputed shortages can be eliminated in this way – among the points of contention, this is otherwise a common one. With Agentur Frisch you can avoid this unnecessary and time-consuming hassle.


Inspection of packaging quality during loading control in China

In the course of loading your goods in China, we can also check the quality of the packaging, if this has not already been done. Cartons, boxes, garbage cans or pallets are checked for freedom from damage and suitability. This is a thorough visual inspection.


Control of the sea freight container

If your goods are shipped by sea freight container, we will inspect it for cleanliness and freedom from damage or other defects before loading your goods in China. This is important so that the value of your goods is not lowered by a damaged, dirty or contaminated container. After loading your goods in China, we check that the container is properly sealed. Only with unbroken seal can be sure that your goods are undamaged. To make sure that no one has tampered with your container or tampered with the seal, we will send you photos of the original seal. This way you can check that it is the same seal when your shipment arrives from China.

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