Loading control

Loading control in China

the loading control is usually carried out on the day of loading. The loading of the goods is checked, in particular to check whether the correct goods are loaded in the specified form (possibly you have your own specifications on how the goods should be packed, e.g. on pallets) and above all whether the load is secure (if E.g. a machine in the container has to be fastened in such a way to avoid transport damage). During the loading control, the quantity of the products that are loaded in total is also checked. This avoids disputed shortages. If this could not yet be checked during the goods inspection, the quality of the packaging (e.g. cartons, crates, bins, pallets) is also checked during loading.

Inspection of the sea freight container

Before the goods are loaded into the sea freight container, our inspectors check that the container is clean and free from damage. It also ensures that the container is properly sealed after loading. You will also receive photos of the seal so that you can be sure on delivery that the original seal is still on the container and has not been tampered with.

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