Inspections and audits by China import professionals in China

Play it safe and have your goods checked by professionals while still in China.

Quality assurance: Professional quality control in China

With our “inspekt4u” brand for inspections in China, we ensure the quality of your goods in China, India, Vietnam, Taiwan and Korea. We do not recommend shipping goods from China without prior inspection. Of course, this also applies to all other importing countries. Trust is good, but to human and something can quickly be forgotten that only becomes apparent in Europe (e.g. in Germany) without inspection. In the case of incorrect deliveries, quality defects or forgotten details, this can be very expensive and annoying. e.g.concern the conformity of the product, this can even lead to acting improperly. We are happy to check your goods in China before the goods leave China.

Competences of our inspectors

Depending on the risk and quality requirements, you can decide on the appropriate competence of the auditor. For overall processing, we usually use a local assistant. .

Assistant (local)

Local goods inspector e.g. in China, not an engineer but an experienced employee in quality assurance. Simple processes that do not require a high level of technical understanding can usually be carried out by a local assistant.

Junior Expert (local)

Local engineer with up to three years of professional experience. Can usually also meet higher technical requirements. If your requirements are higher or the products are more complicated, it is recommended to use an engineer.

Senior Expert (local)

Local engineer with longer work experience. In the case of complex technical requirements in particular, it is advisable to use an experienced engineer who can also carry out complex tests and better assessments.

Audits and inspections in China

We offer various forms of audits and inspections in China, Taiwan, India and Vietnam. Please find out more about the individual inspection types in the following areas.

Audit visit before production in China, possibly with social audit (incl. certificate)

Before you conclude a contract with the supplier, we can already check on site whether we can find what you have been promised. The supplier can then be evaluated on this basis. If necessary, samples can also be checked on site and production plans or company documents can be inspected.

CLS monitoring of loading in China

So that the right goods are loaded in the right quality and with the necessary load security, we can monitor the loading for you in China. We also have these opportunities in Taiwan, Vietnam, India and Korea.

DPI check during production in China

If there are production steps or complete processes in your production that often lead or can lead to difficulties, we are happy to monitor these steps or processes in order to avoid production errors during production. This is particularly recommended for very large productions in China.

DSS sorting out defective goods in China

If you need a particularly high quality or if the error rate is far too high, we can also take care of sorting out the defective goods in China. The goods are then checked 100% and the defective parts sorted out according to your specifications.

goods inspection

PSI goods inspection before shipping the goods

As soon as the goods are finished producing and packing, we carry out the goods inspection in China. The goods will be visually checked according to your specifications and international standards and you will receive a detailed inspection report and various photos from the inspection to be able to decide whether the goods can be shipped in this way.

FAI first article inspection in China

It is not possible to order a sample for particularly large products, e.g. in machines, vehicles or large pieces of furniture. In this case, we carry out an initial sample inspection in China in order to check the properties and quality of the product for you in China.

Compliance with internationally recognized working conditions

It is checked on site to ensure compliance with the international working conditions at the manufacturer, which is particularly important in accordance with the Supply Chain Act. On site, we check, among other things, whether employees are paid reasonably and no children or very pregnant women are employed, and whether vacation times are observed.

Video Inspection - Follow-up of the inspections via video call

During the video inspection, the inspection takes you into the exams via video call, so that you can give instructions for the exams yourself and examine details yourself via video. Direct factual discussions are thus already possible directly with the inspector during the inspection.

Quality Assurance in China

At the latest after the goods have been completed and packed, an employee goes directly to the factory or your supplier’s warehouse to check the goods. We check according to your specifications and AQL. You will then receive a detailed report with photos, descriptions, sometimes also videos and evaluations from the inspector and you can then decide whether you want the supplier to make improvements or accept the goods as they are.



Quality assurance of goods from China and other importing countries.

The quality of the goods is an important issue if you want to import. Unfortunately, especially from emerging countries such as China or India, the quality often does not match what is expected. For this reason, the Frisch agency attaches great importance to the topic of “quality assurance”.


What bad experiences are there?


Example 1) The manufacturer sends samples to the customer. The quality corresponds exactly to his wishes. However, after ordering the main delivery, the goods do not correspond to the sample. According to the manufacturer, samples cannot correspond to the main delivery because e.g. a coloring of a single product turns out to be completely different than the coloring in a main production. In addition, he had to take individual parts from stock for a sample with a significantly better quality from another production since he only receives the delivery for the main production of this order which are decisive for the goods of the main production which of course could not be identical.

example 2) A visit to the factory. The manufacturer presents completely flawless sauna cabins (demonstration models) of a really good quality, even better than those stated on the photos or in the descriptions. The customer is delighted. Due to this positive visit, the customer waives the purchase of goods after completion of his own production. When the customer checks the sauna cabins, he is shocked. The doors are made of window glass instead of Plexiglas, the wood is only partly sanded and partly not varnished. The wood is stained and pitted and the holes are unclean. After the customer wants to assert his guarantee claim, the manufacturer says that he himself is an electrical company and can therefore only give a guarantee on the electricity of the sauna cabins, but not on the wood or the glass


Experiences & References


Of course we build on our experience. We always try to recommend suppliers with whom we or our customers have already had good experiences. In addition, in some sectors we know suppliers from large companies based on references, where good quality can already be expected. In the case of new suppliers, it is of course possible to have references (if any) provided. Large importers and manufacturers have often already carried out expensive test procedures and selected suppliers or sub-suppliers in accordance with these quality standards. Suppliers and suppliers of other major importers and manufacturers whose quality is already known and who can prove their references are of course shortlisted if possible.


Sample consignment / product sample


According to our experience, a sample shipment or product sample is indispensable. So you can check the product according to your own taste, which no third party can take away from you. You can also check the functions. If you do not find any defects yourself and are satisfied with the product, you should have further tests carried out by a test laboratory. This is also important to determine the longevity of the product.


Contractual Agreement


Of course, it should be contractually agreed that the quality of the main production goods must not deviate from the quality of the sample delivery. These must match the pattern exactly. Ideally, a factory visit to accept the goods is contractually agreed.


Production monitoring


With production monitoring, the production of your goods is monitored from the start of production to shipment. We write daily reports and make photo documentations that are sent to you daily by fax or email. In addition, points are discussed with you by telephone on a daily basis. We accompany the entire production process on your behalf. Please note that we mediate the quality assurance and do not provide the service ourselves.


Goods acceptance on site


After the end of production, our partners accept the goods. Of course, they can only visually inspect the goods, since the technical possibilities for further inspections are usually not available on site and not every individual device (e.g. in the case of technical devices) can be tested.




conditions at the manufacturer


We try to create better conditions on site. In this way, long-term success can be achieved for lasting business relationships. We support foreign suppliers in the training of employees by German trainers, try to find suppliers with better quality materials and the company to better equipment, e.g. to help tools and machines. In this way, too, the quality can be improved in the long term. Ask us – we will achieve this goal with you.

We are always aware that you as a customer want good quality in the delivery of goods. For the satisfaction of our customers, we also want to ensure a delivery that satisfies our customers and forms a basis for long-term cooperation. We try to include all points to minimize the risk for you as a customer as much as possible. Do not save when it comes to ensuring quality, because a bad delivery is a business risk, which also means the greatest financial risk for you as an entrepreneur.

You import from China, India or Vietnam and you probably often ask yourself these questions:

Why are there so many quality problems?

How can I avoid quality problems?

Is it still worth importing if I have to ensure the quality myself?

Up until 20 to 30 years ago, China, India and Vietnam were still developing countries and the western level of quality played no role there. The three countries still produce for the whole world today and it makes a big difference whether the buyer comes from Europe, Africa, the USA or South America. The differences in quality and legal requirements are enormous in the different regions. The Chinese, Indians or Vietnamese, of course, do not know our level of quality and are dependent on our input. Agentur Frisch will advise you on quality control, especially in China.

How does Agentur Frisch works?

Agentur Frisch advises you on your quality inspection and, according to your specifications, puts you in touch with an appropriate importer who will become your contractual partner. The task of Agentur Frisch is to provide advice on quality assurance and the transmission of the inspector’s report.

Which partners does the agency have?

Agentur Frisch has a large number of freelancers and inspection companies in its network, but also test institutes such as SGS, Intertek or TUEV. Agentur Frisch advises you on the inspection and commissions the agreed inspector on your behalf.

What competencies are available?

1) Local assistant, a quality employee in China (but not an engineer), recommended for rather simple products.

2) Junior Expert Local; Local engineer with up to 3 years of professional experience.

3) Senior-Expert Local: Local engineer with more than 3 years of professional experience.

4) Junior-Expert International, engineer from Europe with up to 3 years of professional experience

5) Senior-Expert International, engineer from Europe with more than 3 years of professional experience

What types of quality checks are there?

1) Audit to visit the supplier’s factory and check company records and, if necessary, financial documents and certificates on site.

2) Loading control: Monitoring of the loading, ie the inspector monitors the container loading, i.e. whether the correct goods are loaded according to the customer’s wishes.

3) Sorting out defective goods, e.g. For example, if you want to offer 100% defect-free goods, the on-site inspector in China can sort out all defective products.

4) Initial sample testing in China is often worthwhile for large products such as e.g. sofa sets or tractors, the inspector will check the initial sample on site in China before an order is placed

5) On-site production monitoring: With production monitoring, the inspector monitors ongoing production on site.

6) Final inspection: The inspector examines the goods in detail after the goods have been completed (before they are shipped).

Contact Agentur Frisch to ensure the quality of your products.

Our partners for quality assurance and quality control To take care of welcome to China, Taiwan and other importing countries on-site to address your concerns to avoid serious mistakes and losses. Quality assurance is a particularly important task (especially in China). who already imported from China hat knows that hardly any manufacturer provides the quality that the customer imagines without supervision by the customer. The international standard is ASQI 1.4, ie a wear of 4% is an international standard and is assumed to be acceptable.

The point “quality” is therefore a very important factor for us, which must not be neglected, especially when shopping in China or Taiwan. Our all-inclusive offers if you have our support Goods from China If you want to import, we therefore generally recommend the goods inspection after the goods have been completed and, for certain products and order quantities, also intermediate inspections or loading controls.

Of course, our partners can also visit possible new manufacturers or suppliers (audit) during the business initiation phase. Especially in China, the personal relationship with the supplier is important in order to create a basis for future cooperation. The audit can be used to determine in advance whether it is really a manufacturer or a reputable business partner. Samples can also be taken by our local partners during the audit and sent to Germany.

After an audit, you will receive a detailed report on the visit to the Chinese supplier. Your personal wishes (machine capability, social aspects, employee management, production capability, etc.) are taken into account.

On the production monitoring should at Purchasing in China not be waived.

With the goods inspection during production and after completion, errors can already be avoided and large losses prevented. We are also happy to take over the loading control for our customers to ensure that the right goods are loaded in the right quantity and that the customer’s specifications are observed during loading.

After completion, the goods are usually randomly checked and, if necessary, a corresponding test report is written. You will receive detailed photos before the goods are released so that you can make your decision. Quality defects are recorded in detail so that you can have the supplier correct them. We would also be happy to take over these quality assurance negotiations for you. Even under time pressure, our employees can prevent bad image losses caused by production errors.

The well-known expression “cheap Chinese goods” comes from the fact that most importers neglect the quality factor. With your own quality assurance in China, you can enormously reduce the risk of receiving poor-quality goods. We are on your side in China and also other importing countries to make your Purchasing in China also worthwhile.

Our partners test, among other things, according to the international quality standards DIN 2859 and ASQI 1.4 (double random test / max. 4% wear).

Of course, we treat inspection reports and photos as well as associated documents confidentially and do not pass them on to third parties without our consent. An example of the template for an inspection can be found here:

sample report .

Why your own quality assurance should not be neglected in China

1) About 85% of the importers who did not have their own quality assurance in China suffered large sales losses due to the delivery of defective goods.

2) Even if the sample delivery was flawless, Chinese suppliers are happy to pass on rejects or very cheaply made items to new customers in order to save even more in production. For the Chinese manufacturer, the opportunity to save as much as possible during production is more important than the customer’s satisfaction when he receives the goods.

3) If you do not keep regular personal contact with the supplier and are personally present at the factory during production, the supplier will not care whether you are later satisfied with the delivery.

More information on quality assurance from China

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