Initial sample testing

Through China Import Agency Frisch, you can have the initial sample inspection of bulky products done by our professionals directly in China.

China Import Sample Inspection & Sample Testing

If it is not possible for you to fly to China yourself or if the costs are disproportionate, we can also carry out the testing of an initial sample in China. Most items can be sent to Germany as a sample, but the situation is different for very large products such as e.g. B. machines, vehicles or large pieces of furniture, as an inspection is only possible on site. Our engineers check the product conscientiously and usually also record various videos for you so that you can best assess the quality of the product. During the inspection, which only takes place on the basis of a sample before production, operating materials or raw materials that are planned for mass production can also be inspected in order to possibly avoid defects caused by incorrect or low-quality materials.

Testing bulky samples directly in China

Initial samples are necessary to check that everything is as you requested before starting mass production. The color, texture, size and quality of your product can only be determined beyond doubt by means of an initial sample. Most initial samples can be sent to you in Germany by the manufacturer. However, there are products for which the shipment of an initial sample is difficult; in this case, testing bulky samples directly in China is an option. For example, we take over for you:

  • Checking bulky furniture in China
  • Testing machinery (industrial machinery) in China
  • Testing wheel loaders and construction machinery in China
  • Testing cars, trucks, vehicles in China

In principle, these can also be brought to Germany as initial samples. However, the effort and costs involved are usually out of proportion to the benefits – and there are sensible alternatives.


Alternative ways to test bulky samples directly in China

We employ experienced and reliable engineers to assist us in testing the goods on site in China. These inspectors are loyal to us and do a proven job. You have the option to have our engineers make a video recording of your bulky sample being tested in China. This is done in such a way that it is highly informative and any discrepancies can be resolved in advance. First article inspection by means of video recording is a convenient and good option for you to convince yourself of your product and to indicate change requests directly.


Material testing by means of first article inspection via video

During video inspection, records are also made of the materials or supplies used for mass production. This allows you to examine exactly the raw materials that will later be used to manufacture your product. The risk of misunderstandings and errors, but also of inferior materials, can thus be reduced.


Checking bulky furniture in China

Among the objects that are only conditionally suitable for shipping initial samples to Germany are large pieces of furniture. Even when testing bulky furniture, it is advisable to have this done locally in China. Furniture items that you should have checked in China include:

  • Cupboards and wardrobes
  • Marriage, bunk and double beds
  • large chest of drawers and showcases
  • large writing and dining tables

If your goods are replicas of antique furniture or other particularly high-value or special items, we employ only qualified personnel to inspect your bulky furniture in China.


Testing machines in China

Band saws, lathes, CNC milling machines, planing, punching and riveting machines, guillotine shears or bending presses – the list of industrial machines we can supply from China is long. What these machines have in common is that their initial samples are hardly suitable for shipment to Germany. Here, an initial sample inspection via video by our engineers makes absolute sense. They will do the testing of machines in China for you almost as well as if you were there yourself.


Construction machinery & Co: Testing wheel loaders in China

Also in the field of construction machinery, the Frisch Agency imports for you all available machines, and even their initial samples can be sent only at high cost and effort. It is cheaper, more convenient and faster to let our trained professionals do the wheel loader testing in China.


Initial sample inspection of cars, trucks and other vehicles

We also import vehicles and large vehicle components directly from China. The initial sample made according to your requirements is inspected by our engineers and presented to you via detailed video recording. This allows you to get an idea of your initial sample and commission further changes on this basis.

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