Prototype development

Based on the initial sample, you can make fine adjustments and detail changes for the prototype.

Prototype: Deepening the product details and ordering the “Golden Sample” in China

When you have received the pattern, there are usually still some refinement that need to be readjusted, product details may still need to be adjusted or improved, you may still want color changes and the printing details need to be clarified, such as e.g. Logo and logo position, inserts, stickers or packaging and, if necessary, a manual. A gold sample is then ordered, with the manufacturer in China already implementing all of these specifications so you can see what your end product will look like.

Prototypes from China

While the first step of your order is to order the initial sample, the next step is to fine-tune it. With the initial sample, you could convince yourself of the basic characteristics of your product, and based on that, make the detailed clarifications of your China import. With this information, the producer in China then creates the so-called “Golden Sample”, which is identical to your order as it goes into mass production.


Initial Pattern vs. Golden Pattern

The initial sample should give a first impression of what your final product will look like. It gives you the opportunity to refine product development in China based on the initial sample. Among the aspects that you can have changed starting from the initial sample are:

  • color changes
  • Changes to the form
  • sticker
  • Packing
  • Logo position
  • Inserts, manual

Check your initial sample carefully and communicate any change requests to product development in China. We will gladly take care of this for you – so that in the end you can really pass on to your customers exactly the product you had in mind.


Full control with the “Golden Sample

The detail clarification in China import is of great significance. Contract law aspects are also affected by the approval of the Golden Pattern. Therefore, it is important that you clearly and unambiguously formulate your wishes so that we can pass on everything exactly as it is correct for you. Thanks to the Golden Sample, you have full control over your prototype from China: only final results that conform to this approved sample must be accepted. As an experienced China importer, we only work with reliable producers who deliver impeccable quality and maintain dependable communication, so we can take responsibility for product development in China that takes place through us.


Buy directly from manufacturer with China import professional

Agentur Frisch has many years of experience and the best connections on the Chinese market. This gives us the opportunity to find the ideal supplier for you. This way, you can order the perfect prototype from China that meets your specifications and means the best deals for you without much trouble.


Best care from start to finish: Agentur Frisch

As a full-service importer, we are happy to take over all steps of your China business. We begin the cooperation with an in-depth consultation that explores possibilities and specifics. With the information obtained, we will search for the best manufacturer in China for you and, if you wish, we will also conduct price negotiations. We draft the contracts according to your specifications and take care of the formalities with the Chinese trading partner.

Of course, we also take care of the detailed clarifications of your China import according to your ideas.

As part of the production process, we carry out quality controls and ensure that all guidelines and laws are complied with. We know our way around this field and know what to look out for.

We carry out necessary tests and certifications in our own laboratories, and ensure compliance with the Product Safety Act and all standards and regulations applicable to your individual product.

Transport and logistics are also part of our range of services, as well as all related controls and duties.

We not only offer you custom-fit product development in China, but also realize your complete China import for you!


All our services for the China import

We organize the complete import for our customers. The following images will take you to the areas of our main services.

Shipping from China Quality Assurance in China Special Services China


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