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In a globalized world, many goods for the Western world are imported from China, among other places, because China produces more effectively, faster and, above all, cheaper. However, a thorough examination of the goods on offer before importing is strongly recommended. When it comes to logistics, too, the prices are often not transparent and confusing.

Imports from production countries should usually be carried out by experienced professionals, otherwise many problems can arise. Import4u guides you through all import processes and closes 99.9% of the risk gaps that have caused importers to lose heavily on China imports in the past.


In a globalized world, many goods for the Western world are imported from China, among other places, because China produces more effectively, faster and, above all, cheaper. However, a thorough examination of the goods on offer before importing is strongly recommended. When it comes to logistics, too, the prices are often not transparent and confusing.

Imports from production countries should usually be carried out by experienced professionals, otherwise many problems can arise. Import4u guides you through all import processes and closes 99.9% of the risk gaps that have caused importers to lose heavily on China imports in the past.



Free analysis of your import project

Use our free needs analysis and within three working days you will receive an evaluation and an employee of the agency Frisch will introduce you personally if necessary.

What is the best thing for me to sell?

We determine for you which article you personally can best sell. To do this, we take into account the current market situation, current sales figures and your own possibilities and abilities.

Analysis of the purchasing and sales regulations for the product you are looking for - advice on the importability of your product

Together with you, we analyze which rules for production, import, customs clearance and sales in the EU must be observed – and how these can be observed.

Research of suitable suppliers and evaluation of offers

Based on the information and analyzes we have received so far, we are looking for suitable suppliers in China and are obtaining the first comparable offers.

Preparation online listing of your products

While the research is ongoing, our ecommerce experts already start the product listing with the details that are already available at the time or provide your ecommerce employees with the decisive information.

Order of the first sample

If you have decided on potential suppliers based on the offers received, we will order samples of at least three suppliers.

Connections in IT

For us, every complete transaction is a project that is fully integrated into our IT. This gives you many interfaces for further processing of the data, e.g. for marketing, sales etc. available.

Deepening of the product details, prototype, photography and product texts

After you have received the initial sample, we will refine the details in consultation with you and prepare everything for the golden sample, including the print files from our graphic designer if necessary. In this context, we are also happy to implement the product texts and product photographs for you.

Clarification of missing certificates or steps for the conformity of the product

We deal intensively with product conformity and, if necessary, take care of any product tests that are still missing.

Conformity procedures, establishment of standards for production

We carry out the conformity procedure together with the supplier to ensure that the rules for production and later import and distribution in the EU can be observed.

Negotiation of the contract and the production regulations as well as the technical documents for the production and development of the necessary print files

All terms of purchase, production, conformity and delivery are negotiated with the supplier, if necessary our designer creates the print files for you and our translators can translate necessary documents (e.g. warning notices and manuals)

Advice on payment & payment processing

We prepare you for payment processing and you are welcome to make the payment via our intermediary account.

Appointment monitoring

After the payment, we take the process into the deadline monitoring so that there are no delays.

Production monitoring

During production, we are in contact with the supplier and, if necessary, coordinate further details for production between you and the manufacturer.

Quality Assurance in China

At the latest after the goods have been completed and packaged in China, our quality assurance department in China carries out the final inspection.

Logistics processing from China

If the inspection has been approved by you, we have already found the best logistics route for your goods and will take care of the shipping process.

import and customs clearance

Of course, we or our partners organize the import and customs clearance of your goods. For this we need a customs authorization from you. We would be happy to advise you on the customs tariff number.

Delivery directly to Amazon for FBA or shipping via our interim storage facility (Hamburg or Berlin)

So that the goods are optimally prepared for shipping to the end customer, we can either have the shipment delivered directly to Amazon via our interim storage facility or we can also carry out fulfillment services for you, ie store and ship the goods for you.

Complaints processing towards your suppliers in China

If there are any complaints or after-sales questions, we are at your disposal and are your contact.

Repeat orders and product optimization in China

Of course, we are also happy to take care of your repeat orders and work with you to optimize the product quality through our sales experience.

Translations e.g. Chinese German or English German

Language barriers often have to be overcome in the context of productions and purchases. We offer here the possibility to book translations directly online.

Truck on a road

Truck transport within the EU or within Germany

We can handle smaller shipments within the EU or within Germany for you, feel free to use the automatic booking option.

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Your automated business consultancy for China imports

Through online business consulting, you can now automate your own trade with China. Book all services from a single source and always have an overview of your imports.


We bring complete container loads from China to you

Not only does the container have to get to the customer in Germany , the tiresome paperwork also has to be dealt with. Even if you are unfamiliar with the rules of foreign trade , you can easily trade with China . You also don’t have to travel to China to start trading with the Far East. We are at your side as a competent partner. All costs incurred are already included in the product price. This includes everything to do with payment transactions. We also ensure quality assurance . In addition to organizing the transport , insurance and port fees are also covered as a lump sum. Before your goods can be delivered, we arrange the customs clearance of your goods from China for you. Customs fees are also included in this offer. In this way, your import from China can be calculated without any problems and there are no additional costs. If you choose us as your China partner, nothing can go wrong and wholesale with China will be as easy as if you were shopping in Germany, but at China prices.


Advice on guidelines & regulations

We can advise you on EU guidelines that you should pay particular attention to when importing into the EU. These include e.g. B. the CE directives, the LFGB and the REACH regulation.

Advice on evaluating Chinese suppliers

We advise you on the search for suppliers and on the assessment and evaluation of the suppliers found. The mentality of Chinese suppliers also plays an important role in this consultation.

Evaluation of production processes and contractual regulations

We advise you on the optimization of production processes, prevention of quality problems in production and on contractual regulations that should definitely be taken into account.

Logistics from China

During the consultation, you will learn how logistics from China works, which Incoterms are optional, what cost traps there are and what the risks are when transporting from China.

SOS service in case of problems with Chinese suppliers

If you have problems with Chinese suppliers, we can support you at short notice and help you out of tricky situations. These include e.g. B. the following problems where we have been able to help customers in the past to avoid large losses.

  • The down payment was made to the supplier, the supplier no longer reports
  • The goods have been delivered but do not correspond to the order
  • Goods were sent from the supplier to Germany with CIF Incoterms, suddenly you have received a very high invoice and do not know what the costs are and how you can get your goods.
  • Your supplier is constantly pushing back the delivery date and has long exceeded the agreed production time.
  • During production, the supplier suddenly demands high additional costs, e.g. B. for packaging, stickers, inserts
  • Goods are stuck in customs because the goods do not comply with EU guidelines or other violations have been identified.
  • You want to reorder and the supplier wants to increase the price significantly.

China import and the problems with it

Many problems can arise when importing from China. That starts with the quality and condition of the goods. Therefore, a detailed examination in advance is necessary. Other hurdles are the legal provisions regarding technical properties and customs regulations.

Problems importing from China

If you want to manufacture products in China, you have to consider a few things. It is considered extremely important to visit the factories in China and check the quality of the products during production. However, the whole thing can be very difficult, especially if you don’t speak the language. Thanks to our local staff in China, we can offer you a factory tour so that nothing stands in the way of your China import.

Logistics from China and from all over the world:

The agency Frisch International Consulting GmbH & Co. KG, agency fresh for short, has been specializing in imports from China since 2005 and since 2014 the focus has also been on logistics from China. From small express shipments to air freight and freight from large sea containers, we can find the right solution for all variants of your logistics from China or other countries.

Sample shipment from China

Are you expecting small shipments of samples from China and the cost of shipping samples from China is always too high? Not with us anymore. We can send the sample shipments from China for you. We are also happy to collect samples from several suppliers in the logistics office and send them to you as a sample shipment. This saves you up to 90% when sending samples from China.

Shipping of samples from China to Germany

Through our bulk purchase agreements with our Chinese partners in China, we can save up to 90% on transport costs for express services such as DHL, DPD, TNT, Fedex or UPS. Ask us, we will be happy to support you in shipping your samples from China to Germany.

Shipping of general cargo from China/ LCL shipments from China

Everyone starts small and it is not always necessary to ship an entire container. We also support you with small shipments of just a few cbm. Book your freight by sea or air with us, we will be happy to compare the costs for you.

Sea freight from China

We are happy to take care of the sea freight of your goods from China. From general cargo (LCL) e.g. B. on pallets up to full sea containers (e.g. 20FCL, 40FCL or 40HQ) we are on your side. We advise you to agree with the supplier on EXW or FOB, from collection from the supplier to delivery to you, we can then take care of the entire process.

Air freight from China

If you need your goods quickly (regardless of whether it is a complete shipment or partial shipments in advance), we will be happy to help you send your goods by air freight from China to Germany within a few days



Your shipping from China to North and South America in professional hands

As an experienced China exporter, we reliably ship your goods from China to the entire American continent. Your cargo lands anywhere between Barrow Airport in the far north of Alaska and Punta Arenas Airport in southern Chile after a maximum of 10 days. Benefit from our experience in China export / America import. With our service you are always on the safe side and save up to 90%. Be it country-specific features on the Chinese side or challenges on the American continent – with our know-how you will not experience any nasty surprises. We accompany trade between America and China so that neither deliveries are lost nor the final price of the expected goods is significantly higher than expected. We not only ship your goods, we also have your airport costs under control, as well as customs duties and all other invoices that you will receive in connection with your China export



We ship your goods from China to other Asian countries

Shipping goods within Asia also has its own rules. It’s not just absolute beginners who rub their eyes in amazement when the topic of trans-Asian trade is mentioned. Here we build a solid bridge between your airport of origin and the airport of destination. In addition to observing country-specific regulations, business sensitivity is often required so that your goods arrive in the nearest metropolis without any unwanted incidents and can be forwarded quickly from there to their destination. Your delivery of goods is in safe hands with us, whether in the Middle East, in Central Asia, in the Far East, on the Indian subcontinent or in Southeast Asia. So that your goods can be sent safely and reliably within Asia, we organize transport for you to the recipient. Be it communication without the usual language barriers or simply a lack of knowledge of the country and its people – the Asian domestic market keeps surprising inexperienced business people with its special features. Our team accompanies your goods competently from A for Abu Dhabi to Z for Zchinwal




Agentur Frisch has been taking care of the quality of products for German customers from production in China since 2005. With the support of employees and service providers in China, the agency ensures quality directly at the customer’s supplier. Since 2017, the agency has been able to offer this service in most Asian countries, including India, Vietnam and South Korea.

Audit at the supplier in China

By means of an audit at your supplier, the agency can check the seriousness of the supplier in China before the purchase and payment. During a personal visit by an inspector from Agentur Frisch, the company is scrutinized very closely. Based on the detailed inspection report, you can decide afterwards whether you can entrust your money (deposit) to this company.

Supervision of loading in China

If a full container is loaded for you in China, it also makes sense to check the loading. This way you know whether the container was loaded according to your specifications (e.g. the goods on pallets, lying, standing and/or adequately secured) and, above all, whether your goods completely fit into the container.

Testing during production in China

Recommended especially for large orders. During production, certain production steps or the entire production process are checked and monitored. In particular, if only certain production steps are defective, it makes sense to monitor these steps in order to avoid these errors.

Sorting out defective goods

If you only want to deliver 100% perfect goods to your end customers and stand for high brand quality, the Frisch agency can inspect all goods in China and sort out the defective parts.

First article inspection in China

Especially for large items where the shipping costs would be too important, such as B. sofa sets or tractors or also in the case of dangerous goods, e.g. batteries or lighters, it makes sense to have these items checked in China.

Commodity inspection in China

As a rule, after completion of the entire production and packaging of the goods, a detailed goods inspection is carried out. In the appendix to the goods inspection, a decision can be made as to whether the goods can be shipped to Germany and, above all, whether the requirements of the import regulations have been complied with during production.


Professional quality assurance in China

A question that almost everyone asks when ordering goods in China: Is the manufacturer even able to manufacture and deliver my products in the desired quality? If you are ordering in China for the first time, you should definitely get help from experienced professionals. Agentur Frisch offers optimal quality assurance and ensures that production is of a very good quality with regular tests.

Anyone who has ordered a large number of products in China and is not quite sure about the manufacturer, even though the company has proven on site with a sample product that it can manufacture the products, should commission the agency. They constantly monitor the products during quality assurance and can guarantee that the ordered goods will be produced as ordered.

The professionals at Import4you know China very well and can contribute to optimal quality assurance in the manufacture of your products with their contacts and experience. Because already during production it is important that you closely monitor the quality of the goods and the production processes, since the quality standards in China often do not correspond to those of the EU.

Quality Assurance China

In a country in the Far East like China, purchasing quality assurance should take place when goods are imported or manufactured so that there are no nasty surprises when the goods are delivered to Germany. We support you in this task.

Quality assurance in China is also essential from a customs point of view. Because there are very strict laws and standards on the European market and not all goods that are produced in China meet these standards. In the best case, they may not be sold in Germany or they will be confiscated by customs.

Especially when choosing factories, it is important to send a middleman from us for quality control. In Germany, the standards for products are completely different. We are very familiar with it and can help you to achieve the quality standards.

When pre-selecting a factory that is to produce the goods for you or from which you want to purchase goods, precise exploration through on-site inspections in China is necessary. Save time and money and use our service with our employees on site.

Inspections in China are a matter of trust

China ticks a little differently than Germany, which can already be seen in the mentality of the Chinese. Therefore, it is not advisable to have a local for the inspections of the production of goods on site, but a German middleman who knows his way around through his contacts.

Have audits done by experienced people who are familiar with trading in China and are on site and find out whether working together would be worthwhile or not. The experts at Agentur Frisch are very familiar with all rights and obligations in China and ensure that your product is manufactured in the best possible way.

If you want to have goods produced in China, you should always keep an eye on the audits in the Far East. Because the laws in China are sometimes completely different from those in Western Europe. Even if, for example, the occupational health and safety regulations are handled much more loosely here, you should still avoid trouble with the authorities.

If you want to manufacture products in China, you should familiarize yourself with the audits. However, this can be quite difficult, because completely different laws and standards apply in China. In order to avoid trouble with the authorities, it is worth hiring AG-Frisch. The specialist staff at the Frisch agency are very familiar with the laws and can help you with the China import.

No importer of goods can know all the audits in China from Germany. That is why we have the appropriate specialist staff on site who are very knowledgeable and familiar with the manufacturing processes and the applicable laws.


Quality controls directly in China

We check for you on site in China whether the products meet your quality standards. We carry out qualified quality controls not only on the products themselves, but also on the suppliers and producers.

When sourcing and importing goods from China, quality control is a very important tool. These controls must not only be carried out during the pre-selection of suppliers or producers, but also during ongoing production and final acceptance.

When importing products from China, local quality control is an important factor. We make sure that you choose the right factory and take care of the on-site inspections for you by our employees in China. We not only pay attention to the right quality of the products, but also to the local working relationships.

We are proven experts for quality controls in China and will help you with all questions relating to the import of goods from the Far East. Our local employees are well trained, know the country and its people and have good relationships with the authorities.

Quality control for manufactured products in China

The quality control of the agency Frisch takes care of goods in China that are to be shipped to Germany and can thus prevent goods that do not meet the requirements from not being sent to Germany in the first place. Constant control when creating products can ensure that you get the goods you ordered.

Quality controls are extremely important, especially on such a large market with its seemingly never-ending range of goods as in China. We have a large network in China and can help you with any questions you may have about your import business in the Far East.

Quality controls should not only be carried out with regard to the technical quality of the goods, but also from an optical point of view. A large number of goods are manufactured in China in particular and unfortunately the quality of the processing often leaves a lot to be desired.


Goods control China

Goods control is very important when importing goods from China, regardless of whether you have your own factory there or have entrusted the production to an external manufacturer. It simply makes no sense to let the production run without further control.

Save yourself a lot of trouble and carry out the goods inspection when importing from China directly on site, we will support you professionally. This saves you a lot of trouble, because once the goods have cleared German customs, it will be very difficult to assert your complaints.


Quality Inspection China

The standard is very different from that in China: You should therefore definitely have quality controls and inspections carried out on site. The agency looks at the production facilities for you and helps you to achieve the best quality for your products.

Whether a product produced in China is of high or inferior quality depends on many factors. You should therefore carry out appropriate quality controls as often as possible. Because the standard in Germany is different in the Far East.

Our experts have specialized in quality inspections in China, among other things, and can precisely assess the nature and condition of the goods on site. And whether a production facility is even an option should also be checked by means of an inspection.

If you want to place an order for the creation of products in China, you should definitely convince yourself on site during a factory tour that the company can also create the desired goods professionally and with high quality. If you cannot be there yourself, you should ask the employees of the Frisch agency and they will look at the factory for you and then report whether a deal can be made with the manufacturer or not.

Before you import goods from China, you should get an overview of the production options. You have to appraise the production facilities as part of a factory tour. With the large number of factories, this can be a very expensive and time-consuming undertaking.

Would you like to check the quality of the goods before buying? Our trading partners in China will conduct a factory tour for you in China and put the products through their paces. We not only pay attention to the quality of the goods, but also check the given working conditions on site.

Factory tour in China by trading partners

Our established trading partners on site carry out the necessary factory tours for you in a reliable and qualified manner. The manufacturing facilities are not only checked with regard to quality and production capacities, but also with regard to the working conditions on site.

Factory tour in China with Agentur Frisch

Before producing goods in China, it is important to look at the company of the manufacturer. Because a factory tour can rule out problems from the outset. You don’t have to be there yourself, because the Frisch agency always has qualified employees on site who will conduct a factory tour and then report back.

In many cases, often with mass-produced goods, it is worth producing directly in China or importing goods. There are many factories to choose from and you should rely on a local expert to do the factory tour for you and put you in touch with suppliers.

We would be happy to provide you with advice and assistance during your factory tours in China. We have a highly qualified team on site and also have the best contacts in business and administration. This also makes it easy for you to overcome language barriers.

A factory tour during production is very important to ensure the quality of your products. We check for you whether everything complies with the law and make sure that the factories comply with the labor regulations. Thanks to our local experts, we can offer you a variety of services.

In foreign trade with China, quality management is a very important point and should always come first. Of course, goods are produced much more cheaply in the Far East than, for example, in Europe, but the quality should not suffer as a result.

On-site quality management in China

Due to the extremely large geographical distance, on-site quality management in China is not that easy. Instead of having your own expensive employee on site, it is advisable to hire an agency that knows the Far East very well and takes on these tasks professionally.

Due to the language barrier and the distance to China, suitable quality management is difficult for beginners. If the quality of the product is not right, there could be problems with German laws and standards. We make sure on site that the quality of your import is right.

Monitoring the manufacture of your goods to be produced is one of our diverse areas of responsibility. Our on-site employees carry out constant, also unannounced, checks with regard to quality (technical and optical) and working conditions.

Would you like to check the quality of the goods before buying? Our trading partners in China check the goods to be produced for you and carry out unannounced factory visits. We not only pay attention to the quality of the goods, but also check the given working conditions on site.

It seems so easy: you order cheap goods from China or have your own products manufactured locally, import them and sell them in Germany for a whopping surcharge. But be careful: Production in China is often sloppy and ineffective. You should therefore have the production monitored accordingly.

In China, completely different regulations apply to factories than in Germany, and you are often subject to the regulations. To ensure that your products comply with standards and laws, it is worth having production monitored. We ensure that your imports are of good quality.

Even when manufacturing goods in China, the quality should be monitored on site. The customs in China are different than in Germany and you don’t always take it so seriously when it comes to production and quality requirements. But on the German and European market, the demands in terms of quality are high and so it makes sense to do justice to this during production.

When it comes to monitoring quality in China, we don’t make any compromises and check the goods produced for you very carefully and give you extensive feedback on the production status. Among other things, the points of deadline monitoring and import are well looked after.


Production monitor China

Production monitoring in China is not always easy from Germany. But as in almost all industries, those who do not completely monitor the work often experience a nasty surprise when the finished goods are imported. We are your qualified contact.

Once you have decided on a factory, it is advisable to have production monitored. Agentur Frisch is the right contact for this. Through our employees in China, we can help on site and monitor the production for you according to your standards.

If you produce goods yourself or have them produced in China, it is extremely important to constantly monitor the production of goods. We are happy to be there for you. We know the country, the language and the mentality of the people very well and thus promote the effectiveness of production.

This is not only the case in China: as soon as you turn your back on the employee, they do what they want. Because, as with many production processes, it is absolutely necessary to monitor the manufactured products seamlessly in terms of quality and effectiveness.

Due to the stricter requirements and laws for products in Germany, it is important to monitor production in China for quality and standards. AG-Frisch has employees in China who specialize in factory tours and quality control, so that your products have the desired quality.

Through our factory inspection in China, we guarantee our customers that the goods that have been ordered will also be produced. Our on-site employees regularly check the correctness of the products during a factory tour. With a sample product, you know exactly what they should look like and can intervene if something isn’t manufactured as it should be.

Do you import goods from China or even have them manufactured locally? Then it is absolutely necessary that you regularly carry out a factory inspection directly on site in order to check the quality of the manufactured goods and to ensure a smooth production process.

So that you don’t have to be on site all the time or fly back and forth too often, you can commission us to carry out your factory inspection in China. We are very familiar with local production habits, know the Chinese mentality and have excellent relationships with the authorities.


Carry out factory inspections in China before starting production.

Don’t be fooled by beautiful pictures from the Internet showing you great production facilities in China. Unfortunately, the reality is often completely different and therefore you should carry out the factory inspection before starting production, either in person if you have the necessary expertise or through a qualified agency who is familiar with China Import.

If you want to import goods from China or possibly want to produce goods yourself in the Far East, you have to find a suitable factory that is not only able to produce the goods in a high quality, but also complies with German laws and standards. Our employees check this during a factory inspection.

Would you like to put the factory through its paces? Our trading partners in China will carry out a factory inspection for you in China, paying attention to the local working conditions, among other things.

We are your reliable partner for factory inspections in China. Our employees are well trained and have very good contacts to local production facilities and authorities. You should therefore not rely on local inspectors, as they often do not know or ignore the German quality features.


Have merchandise checked on site in China

It’s hard to believe, but there are still importers who do not have merchandise from China checked on site and thus buy the famous pig in a poke. Don’t believe the promises made by every trading partner on site, an inspection directly in the Far East is the only way to be certain that the products are of good quality and comply with EU standards.

Thousands of different commodities are imported from China every year. Appropriate tests should be carried out before purchase so that they are not only of high quality in terms of shape and quality, but also comply with German laws and standards.

Countless commercial goods are imported from China to Germany every year. In order for this to meet the German requirements in the form of standards and laws, it is advisable to test the products in China. Through our employees in China we can help you.

We are your reliable partner when it comes to testing all kinds of merchandise in China. Our employees are very familiar with the local area, have very good relationships with factories and authorities and are also well trained in most production processes.


Check quality China

During an on-site quality control in China, the quality of the goods to be imported or produced is carefully checked. Such checks can also take place unannounced during production.

If you want to import goods from China, you should always check the quality of the goods and the production facilities very carefully. For image reasons, one should also not lose sight of the working conditions in the respective factories.


Over 5000 happy customers.


I commissioned the Agentur Frisch to have a larger piece of furniture produced in China and then to transfer it to Germany. Communication via email was smooth the whole time! Very quick and reliable answers constantly gave me the security that is essential in such an undertaking. I was helped through the bureaucratic jungle at all times and no forms were forgotten or filled out incorrectly. Very commendable!



Everything top. It doesn’t get any better than this. Consulting and implementation can not be done better. We are more than satisfied after several orders with this company and continue the cooperation.


Simone L.