Our China import services

As a full-service provider, we offer all the services for imports from China that you need for developing the product idea, clarifying import security, purchasing, quality assurance and logistics to the EU.

Our services

Our import agency for imports from China offers all services at home and abroad for your successful purchase from China. With the support of our Import Consulting you can shop abroad without knowing the market, the mentality and the language – and without any knowledge of foreign trade and logistics. In addition to China, with Taiwan and Hong Kong, our services are also geared towards other third countries such as India, Vietnam, South Korea and the USA.

Analysis call

In the analysis meeting, we determine your goals together and develop a strategic plan on how we can carry out the planning in a targeted manner and achieve your goals with as few risks as possible. We are your strategic partner.

Advice on product ideas/development of the product idea

We perfect your product ideas and develop the added value of your product so that your product becomes successful in the market. the preliminary planning is an important step in order to be able to successfully launch the product on the market.

Analysis of the purchasing and sales regulations for the product you are looking for - advice on the importability of your product

Together with you, we analyze which rules for production, import, customs clearance and sales in the EU must be observed – and how these can be observed.

Research of suitable suppliers and evaluation of offers

Based on the information and analyzes we have received so far, we are looking for suitable suppliers in China and are obtaining the first comparable offers.

Preparation online listing of your products

While the research is ongoing, our ecommerce experts already start the product listing with the details that are already available at the time or provide your ecommerce employees with the decisive information.

Order of the first sample

If you have decided on potential suppliers based on the offers received, we will order samples of at least three suppliers.

Connections in IT

For us, every complete transaction is a project that is fully integrated into our IT. This gives you many interfaces for further processing of the data, e.g. B. for marketing, sales etc. available.

Deepening of the product details, prototype, photography and product texts

After you have received the initial sample, we will refine the details in consultation with you and prepare everything for the golden sample, including the print files from our graphic designer if necessary. In this context, we are also happy to implement the product texts and product photographs for you.

Clarification of missing certificates or steps for the conformity of the product

We deal intensively with product conformity and, if necessary, take care of any product tests that are still missing.

Conformity procedures, establishment of standards for production

We carry out the conformity procedure together with the supplier to ensure that the rules for production and later import and distribution in the EU can be observed.

Negotiation of the contract and the production regulations as well as the technical documents for the production and development of the necessary print files

All terms of purchase, production, conformity and delivery are negotiated with the supplier, if necessary our designer creates the print files for you and our translators can translate necessary documents (e.g. warning notices and manuals)

Advice on payment & payment processing

We prepare you for payment processing and you are welcome to make the payment via our intermediary account.

Appointment monitoring

After the payment, we take the process into the deadline monitoring so that there are no delays.

Production monitoring

During production, we are in contact with the supplier and, if necessary, coordinate further details for production between you and the manufacturer.

Quality Assurance in China

At the latest after the goods have been completed and packaged in China, our quality assurance department in China carries out the final inspection.

Logistics processing from China

If the inspection has been approved by you, we have already found the best logistics route for your goods and will take care of the shipping process.

import and customs clearance

Of course, we or our partners organize the import and customs clearance of your goods. For this we need a customs authorization from you. We would be happy to advise you on the customs tariff number.

Delivery directly to Amazon for FBA or shipping via our interim storage facility (Hamburg or Berlin)

So that the goods are optimally prepared for shipping to the end customer, we can either have the shipment delivered directly to Amazon via our interim storage facility or we can also carry out fulfillment services for you, ie store and ship the goods for you.

Complaints processing towards your suppliers in China

If there are any complaints or after-sales questions, we are at your disposal and are your contact.

Repeat orders and product optimization in China

Of course, we are also happy to take care of your repeat orders and work with you to optimize the product quality through our sales experience.


This is what mediation can look like

Example process for an import brokerage

1) and 2) = Advertising campaigns/marketing campaigns by the Frisch agency

You don’t have a supplier yet

If you have not yet been able to find a supplier abroad, we will be happy to support you. Either we already have suppliers for the product you want in our inventory or we will start looking for you. We first create a professional data sheet with all the information a manufacturer needs to be able to calculate the costs for production. Of course we will coordinate the data sheet with you. We then create a qualified supplier cover letter for the request. We ask 20 to 30 suppliers and you will receive an overview of the offers.


A supplier is already known

Our native speakers in the respective country conduct a telephone conversation with the potential supplier. A personal phone in the local language strengthens cooperation and creates a certain familiarity. Basic specifications can be discussed during the telephone call (e.g. minimum order quantities, forms of payment, references, etc.). An initial inquiry is sent to the supplier in writing, mostly by email.


There is a first offer

If the first offer is satisfactory, we try to check the seriousness of the supplier further. We find out more information about the supplier and, if possible, use modern means of communication in the supplier’s national language


Nothing negative known about supplier

The offer is deepened, which means the necessary details are worked out. It is also important which certificates or licenses are required. Of course, there are also special requirements in the EU, e.g. B. European power plugs. The details for the forwarding agent, such as the volume and weight of the merchandise in the packaged condition, are also important. Be clear about how you would like your goods to be delivered (in boxes or costs, possibly on pallets, etc.)


Extended offer is available

With the above information from the extended offer, we will prepare a cost calculation for you. This receives the following costs incurred: price of goods, prices of transport based on our experience, costs of money transactions, costs of our service and we determine a provisional non-binding customs tariff. However, the calculation does not include the following costs that also arise or may arise: A sample shipment in advance, laboratory tests of the sample, research and advice from a lawyer on import and a factory visit or production monitoring

Sample order

In order to be sure that the supplier can also deliver the right article in the right quality, we recommend ordering a sample. We can also assist you with the processing of the sample up to delivery to you.


Import service order

If you have requested it, our recommended lawyer will contact you for advice. Depending on that, we can trade a sample shipment for you so you can check the quality of the product. If you order it, we will organize your visit or a visit to the factory by one of our employees


The purchase agreement

In cooperation with you and the supplier, we draw up a purchase contract according to your specifications, which forms the basis for the purchase between you and the supplier. We endeavor to have all agreed points included in the contract by the supplier. Please also make sure that the contract contains as many important points as possible, as it is difficult to make subsequent changes or it is difficult to assert liability towards the supplier in the event of later defects if important points were missing in the contract.


In the case of larger order volumes with many details, we also propose the conclusion of a purchase contract. The proforma invoice then serves as an additional agreement and is the basis for the payment. The terms of the contract are included in the drafted sales contract. Since we are not allowed to give legal advice, we recommend that you have it checked by our lawyer or hire your own lawyer to check it. You can also get to know our lawyers in the About Us section of this portal.

Production monitoring

Of course, we remain in contact with the supplier during production. On request, we can also carry out complex production monitoring on site for you. A factory visit during or after production is possible on your behalf.


advance payment

Depending on which form of payment you have chosen, after production or after receipt of the copy of the “Bill of Lading” the payment on account to the supplier is possible, also via our intermediary account


Commissioning of the shipment

After the end of production and, if necessary, a factory visit to take delivery of the goods, we will arrange for you to be picked up by a local agency so that the goods can be taken to the ship. After a few days you will receive confirmation that the Bill of Lading (BL)


Assignment of a forwarding agent

After we have received the copy of the BL, we commission a forwarding agent in Germany, which will contact you with questions of logistics and customs clearance. After paying the total amount of the goods, you will usually receive the necessary commercial documents by post.


Delivery at your place

After delivery, you will of course check the goods very carefully and inform us immediately of any damage or defects. Of course, we will continue to support you with technical questions, with guarantee and liability enforcement.


cancellation guarantee

After each point of our services, we give you the opportunity to withdraw from the service contract. Only the costs for the services that we have already carried out will then be incurred. That means you only pay us for what you need. Although we cannot guarantee that other contractual partners will also accept a cancellation if other contractual partners are already involved (e.g. manufacturers, freight forwarders), we always strive to offer our customers the best service. We also try to agree on the most generous cancellation rights possible with the suppliers or manufacturers. With the agency Frisch you are always well advised and looked after because that is our claim.



The employees of the on-site agency can also optimally handle complicated processes that occur during production and the agency already has a lot of experience in the import process and maintains regular contact with the agents and shipping companies abroad and the forwarders in Germany. This means that the import process is easy for you, transparent and organized with our help without any major difficulties