eCommerce & Fulfillment

We build your trading business together with you and are your partner.

As a full-service provider, we support you throughout the entire online trading process – from purchasing to lucrative sales in e-commerce. With our full service we automate your trading business.

Our service for your online trade

In online trading, our services allow you to appear like a large trading company right from the start. We take care of the product photos and texts, the set-up and the interfaces to the different trading platforms and, if you wish, also the shipping via our fulfillment services. From the product idea to purchasing, quality assurance and logistics to warehousing in Germany and sales including marketing for sales on Amazon and – if you wish – even the individual shipment of your sales to other online channels or your online shop we are your partner until you have built up a lucrative trading business.

Analysis talk for your startup

We listen carefully to what your goals and plans are and based on this we develop the ideal product for your project and the perfect purchasing and sales strategy so that everything can be implemented as necessary to achieve your dreams and goals. We want to be your partner on this path.

Which products can you sell best?

We advise you on the products that can be sold best based on the current market situation and that suit you best. In addition, also about which improvements should be made compared to the products already on the market in order to be more successful than the previous providers.

Pre-listing of your products

Parallel to the research, our ecommerce experts already start the product listing with the details already available at the time. Our service also includes the planning and realization of product photography.

Connections of your products in the IT

Connection of the platforms that you want to use for online sales (e.g. your own online shop, Amazon, Ebay) with the software for warehouse management.

Start of sales for your products

As soon as the goods have arrived at Amazon or in our interim storage facility or in your warehouse, we take care of your sales launch on all online platforms.

Forwarding to Amazon or storage in our interim storage facility (fulfilment)

As soon as the goods have been declared, we will take care of the delivery to you or, if you wish, the onward shipment to Amazon via our interim storage facility. Further storage in our interim storage facility or individual shipment from our warehouse is also possible.

Optimizing the visibility of the products (scaling)

Our marketing team takes care of the visibility and optimization of the sales of your products, also in the longer term if you wish.

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