Production control

Inspection during production


If there are certain production phases or production sections in your production that require particular variety or in which errors occur particularly often, we can have such phases monitored during the inspection during production. An interim inspection also makes sense in the production of products where rectification would be impossible or very difficult, e.g. in clothing. If this is first cut incorrectly, it can probably no longer be repaired. With such products, the intermediate inspection usually takes place after 20 to 40% of production, in order to avoid that there are already errors, that there is 100% rejects, but problems are eliminated right at the beginning or are eliminated in time. In many cases, the inspector can also give ideas and tips to improve the production plans in order to improve the production steps even in the long term without constant monitoring.


Sources of error in production

Our employees can identify sources of error on site in the factory during production and improve the quality for the rest of the production or support to directly avoid certain errors in the testing of certain phases.


Production monitoring of your order

Monitoring and control of production in China

If defects occur in series, they are often due to inadequate production monitoring. It is important to carry out particularly intensive checks at this stage of your import business to avoid damage. Agentur Frisch will be happy to perform this service for you as well. We employ audited inspectors who are loyal to us and whose supervision of production in China we can trust. Depending on the requirement and product, these can be certified experts that we fly in from Germany or experienced local assistants. For particularly important orders, we convince ourselves on site that production is running smoothly.

Early and complete monitoring of production processes in China can protect you from the following defects, for example:

  • Wrong deliveries
  • Quality defects
  • forgotten/incorrect details


“Trust is good, control is better”

True to the motto “trust is good, control is better”, we ensure that your order is closely monitored during production. In this way, faults can be detected and rectified as quickly as possible, and major consequential damage is ruled out. It has been shown that external monitoring of production in China is often useful. We therefore employ our own inspectors for this purpose.


Own inspectors for the control of production in China

In order to achieve independent results and thus to be able to monitor the production processes in China even more reliably, we work with our own inspectors. These are experts commissioned by us and exclusively committed to us. These usually work in three expert classes:

  • Assistant

These are employees with whom we have generally been working for years. For the most part, they do not have engineering degrees, but they do have extensive professional experience. They are ideal controllers for simple orders.


  • Junior Expert

Our junior experts are graduated engineers with up to three years of specific professional experience. Controllers of this expert level are well suited for monitoring productions of medium difficulty.


  • Senior Expert

Those who are appointed by us as Senior Experts have a degree in engineering and many years of professional experience in a relevant field. These experienced experts can also monitor complex processes and perform difficult tests.


Complete or partial monitoring of production in China

Depending on the order, it is also possible that the entire production process in China is not closely monitored, but that the control of critical sub-steps is sufficient. This is a sensible way to save costs. With our experience and expertise, we will be happy to advise you on this point as well and create an inspection concept.


inspekt4u – the in-house inspection company

With inspekt4u, we have founded a subsidiary company that completely takes care of the quality assurance of your orders. We operate mainly in China, but also in India, Vietnam, Taiwan and Korea. Inspekt4u employs only reliable own employees. The company offers the following services, among others, through Agentur Frisch

  • Audit visit before production in China, possibly with social audit (incl. certificate)
  • DPI check during production in China
  • DSS sorting out defective goods in China
  • PSI goods inspection before shipping the goods

Thanks to its own company, Agentur Frisch can ensure the optimal and reliable monitoring of your production processes in China.


Video inspections – inspections as if directly on site

We also perform video inspections upon request. Here you can accompany the inspector live via video during the inspection. This allows direct coordination and inquiries during the ongoing inspection – as if you were directly present at the inspection of the production in China.


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