Import products and goods from Vietnam

With its constantly growing economy, Vietnam offers a lot of opportunities to produce products there and/or import them to Germany.

Import from Vietnam


Vietnam is the poorest country in Asia but one of the Asian countries with the fastest economic growth. For years, Vietnam has been in a transition phase from a planned economy to a market economy. Unfortunately, Vietnam’s inflation rate is still very high and state-owned companies still make up the largest part of the economy.


The Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Vietnam is located in South Asia and borders China. Vietnam has almost as many inhabitants as Germany and the capital is Hà Nội.



50% of Vietnam’s population works in agriculture. Despite everything, agriculture accounts for only a fraction of Vietnam’s GDP. Vietnam is a leader in rice exports.


raw materials and energy

There are oil deposits in Vietnam, but the country itself cannot mine large quantities. Coal, gas, iron ore, tin and zinc are also mined in Vietnami



The main production goods in industry in Vietnam include shoes, textiles, cement and steel


Imported goods from Vietnam

The largest share of exports from Vietnam: Crude oil, clothing & shoes, electronics, electrical products, wood products, seafood, fish, rice and coffee

The constantly increasing economy and the very cheap labor speak in favor of an import from Vietnam. However, Vietnam’s productivity and poor infrastructure still speak against Vietnam
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