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Welcome to our blog about Chinese imports . We are happy to report here on experiences and opportunities, but also on the risks involved Import from China . who import from China should be well informed, because the Import from China not only brings many advantages, but also many dangers, which you can also greatly minimize – if you know how things work in the People’s Republic of China.

China’s role in our economy is crucial. This is not the only reason why we have turned our hobby into a profession. For us, the People’s Republic of China is full of attractions and challenges. Cities like Shanghai and Beijing are now our second home. As an expert in foreign trade specializing in the import export David Frisch from the Frisch agency has specialized in particular on imports from China. This blog may be of use to you if you import from China want or generally for further information on import export or international procurement. However, the focus is on the procurement market in China, since procurement from China poses particular challenges for every buyer.

  1. We are happy to publish topics about China or the Chinese imports in our blog. Please send us your text related to China’s economy and it may be published here.
  2. Inquiries and comments regarding the China import We gladly accept and will gladly respond to them.
  3. We also welcome reports on cities and sights. Mainly reports about Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong, but also reports about trips to China, e.g. B. to Tibet, we are happy to publish on our China page.
  4. We also like to put up with criticism. If you know something better, then let us know and we’ll be happy to find out more. We are particularly interested in the experiences of other importers with imports from China.

Researching imported goods from China There are many China import databases where you can research products in China. Especially in China, however, the personal level counts, especially when it comes to business deals. I do not recommend simply ordering from the Chinese supplier over the Internet. A visit to the supplier should not be missed before or at the conclusion of the contract. There are many service providers that are already in China or have offices in China that are free business partners in China do research. Through this manufacturer research you then have an initial selection of manufacturers who appear at least reputable through the trained eye and the China knowledge of the service provider. You should not rely on Chinese search engines, but rather on experts who are familiar with the Chinese market.

Import offers from China
Obtaining the offers should also be handed over to trusted service providers based in the company, since Chinese companies usually do not send overseas buyers the prices that buyers in China would get. If it is a reputable service provider, you can also use attractive ones Import offers from China receive. Ask such a service provider ( import agency or Import mediation ) always a detailed import request, which enables the service provider to receive offers from the Chinese suppliers. Whether you want to import auto parts, clothes from China or other products, it includes, among others

* Product designation
* Product description
* Materials/ Quality
* Dimensions/ Colors
* Special requests such as labels, barcodes
* Printing on the color boxes
* Graduation in the boxes (e.g. 5 per color box and 5 color boxes per shipping box)
* Labeling of the shipping boxes
* Purchase amount
* Limit price or limit import volume


External purchasing department in China
your chosen one external purchasing department will also be able to obtain offers for you, because manufacturers usually also need this information.

Commodity inspection in China
It is important to order a sample first so that you can convince yourself of the quality of the merchandise. Most import agencies will support you until the product is delivered. Not to be forgotten is the goods inspection after the end of production, because this is the only way you can be sure that you will receive the desired goods in the desired quality, even before the logistics are initiated. For some products, it is worth carrying out a loading check when the logistics are initiated, so that you can be absolutely sure that the previously checked goods are shipped in the desired quantity and your Chinese imports becomes a success.


Own trip to China / China round trip
It is recommended that you get to know China, the country and the people yourself. Your China trip will bring you much closer to the culture, mentality and business practices. In addition, one China tour also a little adventure that I can recommend to everyone. Above all Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are worth a visit. So if you are planning your own China import, think about your own China trip.


Successful with the China import

Even if that Chinese imports sometimes leaves a lot to be desired, is paved with bureaucracy and detours, but one thing has to be kept in mind: China is still the world’s standard supplier and, for the most part, some fantastic products also come from China. In most cases, both sides have the best of intentions, but when a business fails, it is usually an unbridgeable culture and language gap that has stalled imports.



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What are the top three risk areas when Chinese imports ?

  • Ask a lawyer and you will quickly learn that you have almost no legal authority in China. You will have no luck enforcing any IP violations or supplier leaks in China.
  • Depending on the shipping conditions, the product is your responsibility. This starts at the factory or port and extends to your door. If your import is lost, damaged, confiscated or held at customs, you will most likely bear the brunt. As an importer, you are liable for the laws, standards and regulations set out in Germany in relation to your product.
  • It is up to you to ensure that a patent or trademark is not used by a third party without permission.

After hearing and reading all the facts and risks, sit back and take a deep breath. We have all seen these difficulties and learned to overcome them. – In some cases, however, costly and painful. However, we didn’t just throw everything away and say that it’s just too difficult and won’t work anyway.
We brushed the dust off our suit and learned from it. All these small and large traps that we have experienced ourselves or experienced with other companies made us the company we are today. No obstacle was too big for us, no experience too expensive. We’ve put it all together so that our potential customers can share our experience with the Chinese imports can benefit.
Make sure your Chinese imports also becomes a lucrative business:

  • Check your product idea if it is profitable
  • Check if your supplier is actually able to deliver what you need
  • Whenever possible, produce a prototype of your product in Germany. – In this way you ensure that you can always easily contact producers and manufacturers and discuss and implement any changes as they arise on the spot. You can present this prototype to the manufacturer in China without having to deal with long e-mails, Skype or phone calls.
  • Protect your import business, product, ideas and customers
  • Commit to importing an order Find out more about minimum orders. In China terms, a minimum order starts at 10,000 pieces. Your grower might be surprised if you only need 500 pieces.
  • Import and launch your products on the market

Why is it worth buying in bulk from China
First of all, the market in China offers a wide range of products from a wide variety of manufacturers.
In principle, we recommend our customers to negotiate directly with the producer whenever possible. However, there are some not to be scoffed at circumstances where the wholesaler is the better supplier:
Chinese wholesalers often represent factories that do not export themselves. Furthermore, these wholesalers often speak English and get permission to handle the export clearances for the small manufacturer. As a result, everyone involved in the trade wins.
However, the wholesaler is also able to negotiate minimum orders for you, which the factory is not prepared to offer you.
Wholesalers can also produce new designs and products as they have branches, offices and in-house production at their disposal. This makes it easy for the shopper to make any moderate changes to their product; and with little risk.
Why should I choose my import label Import China ?
We have brought together our experiences for our customers and implemented certain ones to help our customers with the Chinese imports to support. Our goal is

  • honest advice
  • No useless commissions
  • No favoritism for customers, dealers and suppliers
  • Our advice is always specially tailored to your company and needs.
  • Discretion – we will never disclose your product to other suppliers without your express written permission.

With years of experience and qualified staff who have the knowledge and training needed, you can always be sure that the support you receive from us is relevant and credible.
Here is a short excerpt of the product range of successful customers:

  • Clothing, textiles and shoes
  • Gift items, housewares, linens and party supplies
  • Industrial products – building materials, stainless steel, nuts/bolts, shop fittings, paper, laminate film, power tools, agricultural and industrial machinery
  • Electronics – consumer and industrial
  • Sports equipment, hobbies and toys
  • Children’s clothing, products and accessories

We are convinced that we can reduce your expenses – but double your profits.
If you are interested and need more information, please contact: info@ag-frisch.de


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