Trade mediation for purchases from China

The trade representative for imports from China organizes all your trade transactions with China

Import China & Import from all over the world – through our (China) Import Service – China Import Service Agency

From inquiry to delivery.
We manage your import business.
The (China) Import Service from Berlin.

Agentur Frisch International Consulting sees itself as your external purchasing department for your international purchasing.

Our import agency offers all services at home and abroad for your successful purchase.

With the support of our Import Consulting you can shop abroad without knowing the market, the mentality and the language – and without any knowledge of foreign trade and logistics.

Our particular strengths lie in purchasing and procurement in Asia, especially China.

As a competent partner, we are on the side of our clients when it comes to China imports . If you would like to purchase goods from China , we will be happy to assist you.


Purchasing in China

As an external purchasing department in China, we are happy to support you in purchasing goods from China . This makes shopping in China much easier for you, because we specialize in sourcing goods from China and support our clients from the first inquiry through to delivery.

“We can’t change the Chinese, but we know how to deal with them”


Purchasing advice/ supply chain management

Despite the constantly prevailing competitive pressure, numerous manufacturers and customers rely on our import service. We are your partner when it comes to reducing purchasing costs. Our purchasing optimization includes:


  • Research of reliable suppliers with a better cost and service structure than the previous ones (cheaper purchases). Savings of 10% on average characterize our success to date.


  • Sustainable purchasing, ie the success of the first purchase with our operational support is also secured for subsequent purchases and for lasting success.


  • Optimization of logistics, thanks to our large purchase quantities for our customers, which we bundle with our logistics partners, high savings can also be achieved in logistics.

Agentur Frisch offers you as a customer a wide range of import services through the newly expanded import area.

From product research and detailed clarifications to cost calculation, ordering, logistics and serious support for warranty and liability enforcement…

With us you are in good hands with all services for your import business. Ask us …

Starting with the China import, Agentur Frisch now offers numerous opportunities for worldwide import by building a global network.

We research the cheapest purchase price for your request on the international markets according to your specifications

If the item is not yet produced in the desired country, we can have it manufactured for you on your behalf

Translation of all important documents (invoices, descriptions, etc.) by our translator

Advice and support for money transactions and payment options in international trade

We propose transport solutions (factory to factory), initiate your logistics and are happy to manage the logistics process for you

Support with the import / research of import regulations / customs regulations etc. also with the help of our experienced lawyer

Estimates of costs with as many costs as possible to support your calculation

Support in enforcing exchanges and guarantees against suppliers abroad

Your purchasing advisor… … cannot take all the risk away from you – we can minimize your risk and make your international purchase a simple and hassle-free process with our professional support and advice. You will quickly find that you have the purchasing professional at your side. The agency Frisch can put you in touch with the ideal specialists for every phase of the purchase, so that you are given the best possible advice and support.

If you also know one of the following questions, we are of course happy to support you, just ask us…

Is it worth importing for me? What are the costs?

How do I find reputable and inexpensive suppliers and what do I have to consider?

How do I negotiate with the supplier and what are the business modalities?

How do I find reputable manufacturers who deliver at a reasonable quality and at a competitive price?

How do I pay the supplier safely and fairly and am I treated fairly myself?

How do I know that I’m really getting what I ordered?

How do I get the goods in the container far away abroad and then on the ship? Does everything really arrive safely?

How do I get the goods to Germany and from the free warehouse through customs and onto the train or truck?

How do the goods get to my warehouse and what happens in the event of transport damage?

What if I don’t get what I ordered?

Do I still have any obligations or liabilities in relation to the product after it has been imported into the EU if I sell it?

Professional purchasing advice and seminars for purchasing from China

Outsourcing your purchasing (especially in China)

Your international external purchasing department

Outsourcing – save costs in purchasing! We organize your complete import (mainly from China). From the first inquiry to delivery, we take care of all services when purchasing from China. Call us directly for a free initial consultation, Tel: 0 30 32 89 68 83 (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and find out immediately how you can save when shopping.

You can also send your non-binding inquiry about your desired product to


Agentur Frisch combines all services in international trade and can simplify international shopping for customers through the services offered.

From product and supplier research to delivery to the customer, we are on the side of our customers – and if it matters more than that.

Our services include:

– Advice on finding suppliers abroad (especially China)
– Advice on product search / price comparisons / calculations in international trade
– Advice on checking the seriousness of foreign suppliers (especially with regard to China)
– Communication and detailed clarifications with Chinese suppliers
Factory visits (especially in China )
– Translations as part of the order
– Technical or business translations
– Calculations in international trade
– sample handlings
– Organization of logistics / optimization of international logistics
– Price comparisons/negotiations with suppliers
– Handling of logistics
– Handling of commercial papers
– Checking certificates at the institutes
– Communication with suppliers, freight forwarders, service providers etc.
– General advice on foreign trade
– Invoice audits as part of the order
– Support in guarantee and liability cases

You are welcome to request our detailed presentation from us.

We support your entire purchase as a coach & international purchasing department up to delivery. We see ourselves as part of your company, your international purchasing department in relation to China.

You are welcome to request our complete overview of services and costs from us.




Over 5000 happy customers.


I commissioned the Agentur Frisch to have a larger piece of furniture produced in China and then to transfer it to Germany. Communication via email was smooth the whole time! Very quick and reliable answers constantly gave me the security that is essential in such an undertaking. I was helped through the bureaucratic jungle at all times and no forms were forgotten or filled out incorrectly. Very commendable!



Everything top. It doesn’t get any better than this. Consulting and implementation can not be done better. We are more than satisfied after several orders with this company and continue the cooperation.


Simone L.

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