Trade internationally safely – Get to know your rights and obligations

The Global Idea: Liaison with Law Firm Brandt for enforcement and compliance in international business.

Brandt Legal is an international partnership of lawyers and advisors with offices in Berlin and Bangkok and associated offices in Bombay and Beijing. The goal is to effectively enforce the various economic and legal interests of clients in Asia and Europe through specialized, precise and efficient advice.

The lawyers focus primarily on cross-border transactions of any kind, especially for advice on global delivery traffic.

Philipp Brandt law firm

Our partner for your rights – assert yourself!

Our partner has set itself the goal of seeing globalization as an opportunity and using this opportunity for our clients, be it on a national or international level. Thanks to our experts and our presence in the growth markets of China, India and Thailand, our partners are ideally positioned to take advantage of the opportunities offered by globalization and minimize the risks.

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