China Buyer Network Meeting for Importers

Network meeting for buyers (Asia-related)

Due to the Corona Pandemic, the meetings are currently on hold.

Network meeting for entrepreneurs, buyers and those interested in Asia (especially China, Korea, Japan).

At the network meeting you can expand your knowledge of China imports.

Since Nov. In 2014, the Frisch agency is offering regular network meetings. We would like to address buyers from small and medium-sized companies as well as from corporations ( network for buyers ). In some cases, we also cooperate with associations with the same or similar purposes. The purpose is to exchange experiences, which often result in business relationships.

The participants in our meetings are usually Germans who have something to do with Asia, Asians who study or work in Germany, freight forwarders, shipping companies, international lawyers, service providers in the field of foreign trade/purchasing & logistics and buyers from industry & trade.

The network meetings take place regularly in Berlin, and there are also irregular meetings in different regions.

The network meetings take place every year on a date that is announced well in advance. You are welcome to

(or the registration link to the event below) to register for one of the next meetings. Participation is free of charge, everyone only pays for their own drinks and food.

The organizers:

David Frisch (on Xing)