Battery law

Obligations when importing batteries

Anyone who places batteries – or devices containing batteries – on the market in Germany is considered by law to be the “manufacturer” of the batteries and is obliged to ensure that they are taken back. Certain quotas have to be met, which are currently (since January 2021) set at 50 percent.

As an importer of batteries from China, you cannot take this obligation lightly. Expensive penalties threaten the dealer who violates it. Shifting responsibility to other links in the retail chain is not possible.

Agentur Frisch will be happy to help you fulfill your obligations under the Battery Act – another point that you can confidently check off with us.

Your advantage when you import batteries from China with us:

  • Testing of questionable batteries in our laboratories
  • Selection of reputable suppliers
  • Knowledge of the currently valid legal situation
  • Knowledge of actual current court rulings on the subject.


Hazardous substances in batteries – what’s allowed, what’s not

Mercury, lead-acid, nickel and cadmium – the legislator makes clear which substances may be contained in commercial batteries and in what maximum concentration. Don’t leave it to chance whether your producer in China meets these specifications. Better put the inspection of batteries from China in our hands.

In our in-house testing laboratories of the subsidiary BEIDE, we have the possibility to perform serious checks of the batteries that are in your products for China import. This allows us to check whether and how many hazardous substances are present in batteries. We do not rely on external service providers for this, but take the testing into our own hands. This way we can guarantee that the results are genuine and that there will be no problems with the battery law in the further course of business.

Be vigilant when choosing a supplier

The Agentur Frisch works exclusively with proven producers. We have extensive experience in the Chinese market and are very well connected. Manufacturers with whom we cooperate are trustworthy and proven. This is already the first important step on the way to compliance with legal requirements when importing dangerous goods from China. If you work with dubious business partners, don’t be surprised if you get into serious trouble with customs and other German authorities later on. We save ourselves and you these unnecessary and loss-making hassles.


The battery law in theory and practice

Originally, all issues related to batteries and importing batteries from China were covered by the Battery Ordinance (BattV). Since 2009, this has been replaced by the Battery Act, which has been in its latest version since the end of 2021. The basic contents of the old regulation were taken over and expanded. Aspects regulated by the Battery Act are, for example:

  • Battery composition
  • Hazardous substances in batteries
  • Responsibilities of manufacturers and distributors
  • Redemption rates
  • Deposit collection (for starter batteries)

The Battery Act, like most related laws, ultimately serves to protect people and the environment. The risk posed by hazardous substances in batteries is to be minimized and made manageable. We at Agentur Frisch consider this to be very sensible in principle and are happy to do our part to make the import of hazardous goods from China – and that includes batteries from China – an optimally safe affair.


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