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It is obvious when you think of China if you want to relocate purchasing or production to Far Asia for cost reasons. Shoes and bags in particular can still be produced and purchased very cheaply and in very good quality in China. In the case of textiles, especially clothing, the quality advantage lies with China in particular, even if China no longer brings the greatest cost advantage in this area, e.g. B. Bangladesh or India.

The management consultancy “Agentur Frisch” specializes in the purchase of textiles, shoes, carpets and bags from China, among other things, but also has experience with purchases from India in this area. The Frisch agency will be happy to help you with your purchasing projects so that you can avoid learning the hard way. With services such as “supplier search”, “supplier evaluation”, “quality assurance” and “logistics” you have your full-service provider for China imports, especially for the Import of clothing, shoes, textiles, bags and carpets from China.

Your advantages of working with Frisch Agency.

– Concentrate on your main competence like sales or marketing and leave the purchasing to the China import experts

– Benefit from almost 20 years of experience in buying shoes, bags, textiles or carpets

– Play it safe with professional quality assurance by Frisch Agency in China

– The Frisch agency can implement small quantities for you, but also large-scale productions.

– Ensuring EU conformity/ UKCA conformity/ US conformity by own testing laboratory in China

– Support in the development of your own branding

– Design and development of the product design

– Prototype development in China


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Is clothing manufacturing actually moving from China to neighboring countries?

China’s macroeconomic situation has changed constantly over the past few years. On the one hand, after years of constant economic growth, the salaries of Chinese textile manufacturers have risen, on the other hand there are strict environmental regulations and the textiles that China buys for its clothing production are no longer so cheap. All this has a significant impact on bulk purchases of clothing of all kinds. Even major buyers who have remained loyal to their Chinese partners for 10 years or more are considering whether the future of their company lies in trying to outsource to new locations such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and India. Other voices, however, say that the global economic market is growing and China is no longer sufficient as a sole producer, leading many wholesalers to look to other countries in the Asian region for cheap clothing production. However, listening to the voices coming from countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and India, one gets the impression that these countries deliberately started this “rumor” since these Asian countries manufacture clothes, shoes and bags in their own country want to keep to get even the big orders from western traders. The reality, however, is that while China must constantly struggle to remain competitive in the global economy, wages in other Asian countries are rising at pretty much the same pace. – However, when it comes to efficiency and infrastructure, these countries are still far behind China.

India – a possibility?

The weak Indian rupee and low energy costs have made India an increasingly popular, cheaper destination for international clothing manufacturing. In addition, these factories are buying more and more machines and modernizing them to keep up with international trade. However, India’s politically uncertain situation is likely to have a negative impact on clothing production and therefore wholesale trade with India in the future.

Bangladesh is currently the second largest garment exporter in the world after China and employs 4.5 million workers in around 4,500 factories. Garment exports increased by 3.16% in this country. However, Bangladesh urgently needs to improve its productivity and efficiency to maintain its advantage as a low-cost exporting country. This includes improving quality and logistics, further training its workforce, and modernizing the port and its access roads. If that doesn’t happen quickly, it’s entirely possible that countries like Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Myanmar will see their advantage and expand their own apparel exports around the world. Politically, the same applies to Bangladesh as to India. Domestic political uncertainty and other external factors, especially currency fluctuations, are among the biggest obstacles Bangladesh has to overcome.

The shoe wholesale trade in Vietnam and Taiwan also sees its greatest challenge in the infrastructure. If the ports are also modernized, the access roads are mostly tantamount to a disaster.

Indonesia’s textile and clothing industry
Robust economic growth and increasing purchasing power make Indonesia – the fourth most populous country in the world – an attractive market for textiles and other apparel. Both local and foreign companies are vying for market share in Indonesia. However, rising costs are making it more difficult for domestic producers to keep up with the competition. However, one can observe a technological modernization here as well as an improvement in the ability to work and an increasingly better infrastructure. Last but not least, the relatively low rupee is also attractive for many major European buyers.

Where is the trend going?
Even if a shift in production to other Asian countries was observed, especially over the last two years, the latest trend for clothing, shoe and bag manufacture seems to be moving in favor of China again. At least for some brands. Simply because the production is the highest and the quality is the best compared to any other Asian country. Compared to European locations, Chinese factories are still cheaper; even if the prices are no longer as attractive as they used to be. A recent conference in Hong Kong noted that the shift in output that has actually taken place over the past two years is largely that China has shifted its own manufacturing of low-value goods to countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Bangladesh. But even these producers assure that their long-term customers still like to buy in China. When it comes to clothing manufacturing and everything that goes with it, China wants to distinguish itself in the packaging of its goods in the future by optimizing boxes and cartons that can then be used more often. For example, shipping clothes in boxes on hangers increases capacity but keeps packaging costs down. It can be assumed that China will continue to hold the global economic market in the manufacture of textiles in its hands. However, this will probably change as soon as other Asian countries improve their capacity, quality and, above all, their infrastructure.


Reference example of shoes from China

initial position

We have had very good experiences with it for several years Purchasing shoes from China . Our partner in China is specialized in the import of shoes from China specialized and in interaction with our professional advice for the entire process, we can provide professional support in this area and Good quality shoes from China procure.

One of the current clients from the shoe trade from Dubai contacted our partner in Dongguan because he constantly needed new models of shoes for his brand shops. This means that new designs have to be proposed regularly and the orders and logistics to Dubai have to be handled.



Since our partner already knows most of the suppliers in China who can deliver shoes of very good quality, we contacted them accordingly. Initially, we suggested shoe designs from their standard range and conducted the purchasing negotiations for the customer, monitored production, assembled the containers and organized the logistics to Dubai.

Thanks to our support with the cost calculation, the risk of a miscalculation is also very low. We also constantly monitor price developments in logistics and on the market.



Our customer now imports very regularly from China. Around ten of the partner’s employees in Dongguan China are now almost exclusively dedicated to the Buying shoes from China deployed. In the meantime, their own designers are employed there, who constantly provide new designs. There is also our own workshop with the appropriate machines, in which the first samples are produced by our partner and presented to the manufacturers. Our partner ensures the qualitative production of the manufacturer’s first sample and, after successful sample production, the main production and timely delivery to the customer in Dubai.

In 2011, the customer from Dubai opened several brand shops in China, Thailand and Japan and now wants to expand further in the Asian market.

Over 5000 happy customers.


I commissioned the Agentur Frisch to have a larger piece of furniture produced in China and then to transfer it to Germany. Communication via email was smooth the whole time! Very quick and reliable answers constantly gave me the security that is essential in such an undertaking. I was helped through the bureaucratic jungle at all times and no forms were forgotten or filled out incorrectly. Very commendable!



Everything top. It doesn’t get any better than this. Consulting and implementation can not be done better. We are more than satisfied after several orders with this company and continue the cooperation.


Simone L.