Import building dryer from China

China Import Agentur Frisch supports companies from the EU in importing construction dryers directly from China.

Import building dryer from China

Many manufacturers from China produce building dryers that are suitable for the EU market. Nevertheless, it is obligatory for the importer to carry out the conformity procedure. When importing construction dryers from China or other third countries, it must be checked which coolant is used, as there are import restrictions on some coolants in the EU (so-called quotas).

Building dryers provide protection from moisture

To protect rooms from moisture, building dryers can also be used as a permanent solution, for example, with a moisture meter, so that the building dryer dries whenever the room is particularly damp. This may be useful, for example, in basements, storage rooms, workshops, bathrooms or garages.

Professional construction dryer cheap order directly from China

Professional building dryers support the drying of new buildings or in case of water or moisture damage. In China, construction dryers can be purchased very cheaply directly from the producers. For large-scale consumers (e.g. refurbishment companies), this is a low-cost alternative to buying from a trading company in Germany.

How does a building dryer work?

A building dryer has a fan that sucks in the moist air. This allows the moist air to get inside the construction dryer and the moisture is filtered out. The water collects in a collection tank in the construction dryer, which should be emptied regularly. Some construction dryers already offer the possibility to connect a pump to pump out the liquid directly.



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