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China import of TV-DVD combination – home appliances

Reference example: TV DVD from Italy

The client originally wanted to import TV-DVD combos from China. The devices are intended to be used to present other imported products that the client has imported via the Frisch agency, among other things, in wholesale markets and Bauhaus stores. The country of origin “China” was chosen by the customer due to the cost issue



We researched numerous companies in China that can supply the desired devices. In cooperation with our lawyer for patent and trademark law, it turned out that numerous licenses would be necessary for the import. However, the companies that have these licenses are no longer an option for the customer for cost reasons. The issue therefore had to be negotiated with an inexpensive supplier.


Our lawyer clarified with the copyright holders or license holders which requirements must be met and what costs are incurred in order to obtain licenses so that our client can import the TV-DVD combos from China into the EU.


Ultimately, a Chinese supplier with the desired devices would have been willing to purchase the appropriate licenses. In order to avoid the risk of importing into the European customs area, we researched equivalent devices at a reasonable price within the EU.


Starting point #2

Since we were able to research a supplier in Italy who can deliver similar devices to those from China at an almost identical price, the customer gave us the order to go in this direction, as this entails fewer problems with imports.


Operation #2

We negotiated with the Italian manufacturer and compared our client with the costs and risks involved.


After phone calls with the Italian manufacturer, we were convinced of the good cooperation and the seriousness of the supplier. The contract and price negotiations on behalf of the client went smoothly.


We organized a sample delivery for our client, who was able to convince himself of the good quality of the device. The customer received the device free of charge and only had to organize the transport at his own expense.


The Italian supplier also accepted the customer’s request for a smaller delivery quantity. Due to the proximity to Italy, smaller deliveries are more realistic than deliveries from the Far East.




Due to the proximity to Italy, the customer can also order the TV-DVD sets in small quantities, just as they actually need them. In addition, there are no risks when importing since these are already in the EU

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I commissioned the Agentur Frisch to have a larger piece of furniture produced in China and then to transfer it to Germany. Communication via email was smooth the whole time! Very quick and reliable answers constantly gave me the security that is essential in such an undertaking. I was helped through the bureaucratic jungle at all times and no forms were forgotten or filled out incorrectly. Very commendable!



Everything top. It doesn’t get any better than this. Consulting and implementation can not be done better. We are more than satisfied after several orders with this company and continue the cooperation.


Simone L.