Appointment monitoring

Deadline monitoring is an important factor to ensure that your China import does not have the usual long delays. We therefore monitor the production steps and take care of quality assurance and logistics in good time. With our professional online system, we always have an overview of all appointments and make sure that the appointments in China, India or Vietnam are always met and that there are no serious delays.


Compliance with deadlines by Chinese suppliers

Anyone who imports from China knows the problem of Chinese suppliers meeting deadlines. It is often even more serious with orders from India. One often has the impression that the supplier follows the motto “if I don’t come today, I’ll come tomorrow or next year”. In Europe, we have the mentality that if we have promised a delivery date, we have to meet it. One often even commits oneself to contractual penalties, especially towards large trading companies, if deadlines are not met. But how do you meet the deadline commitments for orders from China, India or Vietnam?

In order to assess the adherence to schedules and reliability of a supplier, it makes sense to first place a small test order with new suppliers. However, a purchase contract with rules on delivery times and contractual penalties if the delivery times are exceeded should already be agreed for the test order. In addition, the dates themselves should be monitored by maintaining contact with the supplier in China during the production period. The acceptance of goods/inspection before shipment is best booked two weeks before the agreed completion, because the supplier will then be even more aware of the seriousness of the agreed date if the inspector contacts him two weeks before the planned completion and is scheduled for the inspection (one day after scheduled completion).

Delay in production in China or India

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for productions to be delayed. There are delays that are unavoidable due to political situations (e.g. electricity saving regulations in China), public holidays (e.g. Chinese New Year), pandemics (e.g. Corona Pandemic 2020/2021) and/or global economic crises. However, most delays are avoidable, e.g. B. that you are pushed back because a larger customer has just ordered or because you were simply forgotten by the supplier.


All our services for the China import

We organize the complete import for our customers. The following images will take you to the areas of our main services.

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