Furniture imports from China

Below we report on a reference from our furniture imports from China. We have been a successful partner to numerous furniture importers for almost ten years and provide support from the first inquiry to the delivery of the furniture from Far Asia. If you want to import furniture from China, please feel free to contact us with your inquiry, we can also help you to buy furniture from China.

Purchase of tables from China

Our client wanted to buy tables at a reasonable price. He chose China as his country of origin. He had already made specific specifications in terms of appearance and material.



We started with a manufacturer research and were able to find numerous manufacturers in China who can produce the desired tables. The client decided to shortlist 8 of the manufacturers.


The details were specified at the request of our client and explained and discussed with the shortlisted manufacturers. After the details were discussed and we were able to compare the prices, our client quickly decided on a manufacturer, also because of the good price.


The price and contract negotiations went quickly and at the same time we obtained cost estimates from freight forwarders for our customer.


We forwarded the payments to the supplier in China for our client via our intermediary account and maintained contact with the Chinese supplier during production.


We supported our client in his cost calculation so that he had an overview of the costs incurred or possibly incurred.


After production and quality control, we arranged collection by the forwarding agent and forwarded the commercial documents to our client on time.


On behalf of the client, we organized the logistics up to the delivery of the container to the customer.




Our customer received his tables promptly. The performance and price ratio is more than competitive and the process went to the satisfaction of our client. The saving amounts to about 30% compared to purchasing from a German wholesaler.
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