Import rules analysis

Determining the import rules for your import

Anyone selling goods in Germany must comply with many rules. This also applies to imported products. For the legislator, you as the person placing the product on the market in Germany are on an equal footing with the manufacturer, and are liable accordingly. It is therefore absolutely essential to know and comply with the laws and regulations applicable to your product group.

You cannot import without complying with the laws and regulations for your product.

It is essential to comply with all the rules and have all the certificates prepared that you need to import and sell in Germany. As an experienced China importer, Agentur Frisch will gladly take over this service for you. We recommend the following services when importing through us or a third-party vendor:

  • Analysis of the conditions applicable to your product
  • Recommendations for action
  • DIN standards testing
  • Risk analysis

We cannot overemphasize the importance of regulatory compliance for a successful business.


What certificates do I need when importing from China?

Which certificates you need depends on which product you want to import. There is a long series of very different certificates for different groups of goods. Get urgent advice from us so as not to make any mistakes here.

Regulations you must comply with include:

  • Battery law
  • Organic certification
  • DIN standards
  • EMC testing (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • ERP Directive (Ecodesign Directive)
  • Provisions of the LFGB
  • Machinery Directive
  • Medical Directive
  • v.m.


What do I need to consider when importing from China?

The question of certificates and laws is a must in the course of your import process. The legal framework is very tight, which means that there are practically no products and aspects that are not covered by any laws. In any case, do not try to import products and hope that “it will be fine”. This practically always leads to failures. Instead, we offer you a first-class and reliable service that perfectly advises you on the topic of “Which certificates do I need when importing from China”. We analyze your product group and identify all required documents and tests. In this way, you prevent losses and stress.


Clear recommendations for action for your specific import product

We at Frisch Agency have extensive experience with China import of various goods. Based on our import rules analysis, we will find out for you what you need to do to comply with the legal requirements. This is different for each product. We know the theory and the practice and how you can best be on the legally safe side.


Further tests for China import

When asking the question “What do I have to consider when importing from China?”, sooner or later you will always come across DIN standards. DIN standards are recognized rules of technology that are developed for practically all goods. The requirements for screwdrivers are defined in a DIN standard, as are the requirements for freight trains, swimming pools or toasters.

We recommend a review of the DIN standards for your product.

With an expert analysis, you can be sure what certificates you need when importing from China, and what conditions your product must meet.


Risk analysis

Import rules analysis and clarification of the question “What certificates do I need when importing from China?” normally includes a risk analysis. We can subject BOTH your products to in-depth controls in our in-house laboratories at the subsidiary – before the authorities in Germany do.


An import rules analysis, a DIN standards audit and a risk analysis are all part of a successful China import. If you have any questions about conformity, certificates and importing from China, please contact us. The experts at Agentur Frisch will be happy to assist you with your China import.

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