Imports from India


Meanwhile, prices in China are getting expensive and India is already seen as the exporting country of the future. An average age of 24y shows how many young people live in the country and what makes India particularly attractive as a manufacturing country is the fact that almost everyone in India speaks English.


The Republic of India

The Republic of India is located in South Asia and has a size of almost 3.3 million m2 and more than 1.2 billion inhabitants, making it the most populous democratic country in the world. It is also unclear whether the population is already surpassing that of the Chinese. The official language besides Hindi is English. Capital is New Delhi.



The main agricultural production goods in India include grain, rice, legumes, potatoes, onions, tobacco, coffee, tea and spices



The main production goods in mining in India include iron, manganese ore, coal, bauxite and chromium



The main production goods in industry in India include textiles, steel, machinery, chemical products, leather and pharmaceuticals


Imported goods from India

The largest share of exports from India: raw materials & finished products, textiles, clothing, precious stones & jewelry, chemicals, petroleum products and leather and software products

The fact that almost everyone in India speaks English speaks for imports from India. Intellectual property protection is taken much more seriously in India than in China. In India, the counterfeiting problem is almost non-existent. In addition, there are many anti-dumping duties that are not levied on products from China. A disadvantage might be the bad infrastructure in India and the corruption that can get you into big trouble.
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