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LFGB testing: compliance and testing when importing from China

LFGB test lab in China

LFGB – Food and Feed Code

Compliance with LFGB for products from China

Since 2005, the German Food and Feed Code (Lebensmittel- und Futtermittelgesetzbuch, LFGB) has applied to everything that is sold in Germany in terms of food and feed, as well as safety-related consumer goods. The decisive factor for the coverage of consumer goods by the LFGB is how much and how long the product is in contact with food.

Products covered by the LFGB include:

  • Crockery, cups, cutlery
  • Salt and pepper shaker
  • Fruit bowls
  • Cutting boards

In addition to goods that come into contact with food, the LFGB also covers items that come into contact with the human body (skin, hair, and especially mucous membranes). These are for example:

  • Bed linen
  • Baby teat (teat)
  • Pipes
  • Toothbrushes

The background of the LFGB is the safety of humans and animals. Consumers have a right to receive tested non-toxic goods. This is intended to prevent damage and make the global movement of goods safer.

LFGB compliance for products from China is a mandatory performance. Appropriate testing is necessary.

To ensure LFGB compliance for products from China, LFGB testing should be conducted in China.


LFGB testing in China by our test laboratories

The subsidiary of Agentur Frisch BEIDE Compliance Laboratory, maintains its own testing laboratories in China. This is how we ensure that the test certificates can be trusted. Relying on dubious or unsafe sources can quickly lead to significant problems when importing into Germany. Expensive recalls can also be avoided by having reputable and reliable LFGB testing done in China.

BEIDE Compliance Laboratory has highly professional, independently audited laboratories where we can perform LFGB testing in China to German standards. In these tests, we determine the pollutant load of your products. Based on the EU list of hazardous, banned or restricted substances, we test your products for safety. BEIDE Compliance Laboratory is a qualified LFGB testing laboratory in China and is authorized to issue corresponding test certificates after testing has been carried out.

Carrying out the test in BOTH LFGB test lab in China gives you the assurance of importing certified EU compliant goods.

Upon request, we can also provide you with a declaration of conformity, which you will need for importation into Germany.


LFGB compliance security for products from China

Trust is good, control is better – as your full-service provider in China import, you can rely on the quality of our performance. We carry out the entire import process for you. Therefore, in case of difficulties, we can react particularly quickly, and we act responsibly in every step of the import service. Our BOTH LFGB testing laboratories in China are part of this world-class service. We carry out the LFGB tests in China ourselves and can therefore vouch for their quality. With us, you can expect no surprises when it comes to customs and official inspections.


Does my import fall under LFGB compliance for products from China?

If you cannot answer this question with certainty, we will be happy to determine for you whether your product must receive LFGB testing. Because, unfortunately, the facts are not always completely clear. The legal experts at Agentur Frisch are familiar with the law and current court rulings and can therefore make clear statements about whether compliance with the LFGB is relevant for your import of products from China.


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