We check according to LFGB

Everything that comes into contact with food, e.g. B. thermos flasks, cutting boards or cooking spoons must be checked according to LFGB. However, this also applies to everything that comes into contact with the human body or mucous membranes for more than a short period of time, including clothing and cosmetics. These products are so-called consumer goods.

The experts from BOIDE check your goods in accordance with the applicable regulations and based on the relevant candidate list for hazardous materials that are banned or restricted in the EU. This gives you the security that your products are harmless and can therefore be imported into the EU as compliant articles.

Before importing and selling items that come into contact with food or consumer goods, play it safe and let our experienced experts carry out a preliminary check. You will then receive detailed test results and, if you wish, we will also send you a template for a declaration of conformity, which you as the importer or manufacturer must have ready.

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