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Custom production in China for manufacturers

Are you already a manufacturer and know the business and are you looking for ways to produce more cheaply and efficiently? Or do you want to start your business brand new and build your own brand? As a long-standing expert on China imports, the Frisch agency is your perfect partner here as well. We have the know-how and the connections to select the factories in China that optimally match your needs as a manufacturer. And that’s just a fraction of our services!


Full Service: What you can expect from us

We see ourselves as a full-service provider for China imports and not only take on the search for the factories in China for you, but also all other tasks that arise in your China business if you wish. We have reliable, well-established connections and look forward to doing the best work for you. Our services for your contract production in China include, for example:

  • Price negotiations and drafting of contracts
  • Production of initial samples and prototypes
  • Compliance and Quality Assurance
  • Laboratory tests and certificates
  • Logistics and loading control
  • customs clearance
  • Storage and Fulfillment


Cut costs with custom manufacturing in China

As a manufacturer of products in Germany, are you tired of paying too high costs for production? Are you looking for a cheaper alternative and want to have it produced in China? Then we are your contact person. Together we analyze your needs and find the right factories in China. Due to our extensive experience and the large number of our proven business partners, you can be sure of receiving reliable and high-quality order fulfillment.

We design the contracts with you according to your ideas and can help you in every area related to your custom production in China. The large number of our satisfied regular customers speaks for itself – you are one of them!


Build your own brand with manufacturing in China

If you want to build your own brand, there are many things to consider. The start-up costs in particular can be very high if you have everything done in Germany. These investment costs can be significantly reduced by factories in China. Tested quality and valid certifications ensure that high-quality products are created that are fully accepted by authorities and consumers on the German market.

The Frisch agency supports you in various ways in building up your own new brand. We can put you in touch with the best manufacturers, but we can also take on many other services related to the new brand. On request, our experts will develop the product identity together with you:

  • product design
  • packaging layout
  • product labels
  • Logo imprints on your product


Fair trade and maximum profit

Custom manufacturing in China is fraught with prejudice: bad working conditions and inferior quality. But it does not have to be like this. With the right know-how and good connections, it is possible to offer first-class products, trade fairly and still achieve sensationally low prices. We are a founding member of the Association of Louder Importers eV and prove that importing from China can be lucrative and fair at the same time. We comply with all regulations and are happy to exceed specifications. This not only ensures a clear conscience, but also ensures that no legal problems arise. As a manufacturer, you can have the Frisch agency produce in factories in China without hesitation.


Complete order fulfillment by our subsidiaries

In order to be able to guarantee our customers perfect processing, we have set up our own companies for the various services in China imports. So we can be sure that everything runs smoothly and absolutely reliably. Get to know our range of companies:

  • import4u
  • inspect4u
  • e-best
  • airbridge consulting
  • China Import Consult
  • Floor4u
  • BOTH test lab
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