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Through the advice of the China Import Agency Frisch no mistakes will happen to you when importing radio equipment from China.

RED Directive (Radio Equipment Directive) for production in China

Compliance with the RED directive for production in China

The Radio Equipment Directive (Directive 2014/53/EU, better known as the “RED Directive”) regulates the requirements for radio equipment made available on the market in the European area. In Germany, the Radio Equipment Act of 2017 corresponds to the national implementation of the RED Directive. Anyone who imports goods from China that are covered by the RED Directive is responsible for complying with it. This means that you, as a buyer of radio equipment and the like from China, must ensure that your products do not violate the RED directive.

Products covered by the RED directive include:

  • Cell phones
  • WLAN router
  • Radio receiver
  • radio-based automotive components
  • DVB-T2 antennas

The advantage for you: Products to which the RED directive applies do not have to be tested again according to the EMC directive.


Compliance with the RED directive for production in China

If you import goods from China to Germany, they must meet German standards. In the electronic field, there is the EMC Directive, the Low Voltage Directive, and the RED Directive. The requirements contained in it are intended to ensure the following:

  • Protection of health and safety
  • electromagnetic compatibility
  • Effective and efficient use of radio frequencies
  • Avoidance of radio interference


Note: An import of electronic products is only possible in compliance with the RED directive!


As your partner for China import, we provide you with all-round information on this and all other topics, and tell you everything you need to know for a smooth import. In addition, we are also happy to undertake RED testing in China in the laboratories of our subsidiary BEIDE Compliance Laboratory.


Professional RED Examination in China

Our subsidiary BEIDE Compliance Laboratory can assist you with RED compliance for production in China. In their high quality equipped testing laboratories, all RED tests are performed in China, which are part of your import. Under professional conditions, the required test evidence for the conformity assessment procedure can thus be provided. When you put RED testing in China in our hands, you can trust that serious work will be done. If necessary, we also undertake post-clearance checks for certificates provided by other bodies and in this way ensure that no problems arise at customs.


The duties of the importer

The import of products subject to the RED Directive is subject to conditions. Various actors at points in the supply chain must provide and demonstrate appropriate performance. These include:

  • Conformity assessment procedure
  • Current declaration of conformity
  • Product labeling
  • Operating instructions and safety information

The requirements you need to meet to ensure compliance with the RED directive for production in China are the subject of our extensive consultations. The Frisch Agency is familiar with the legal situation, current case law and concrete procedures for checking compliance with the RED Directive in the case of production in China. We will gladly take care of all checks and other tasks and save you from typical pitfalls.


BEIDE Compliance Laboratory – a subsidiary of the Frisch Agency

BEIDE Compliance Laboratory provides you with the necessary equipment and trained professionals to perform the testing related to RED compliance in China for your products. We take care of all transports and inspections that are due during the RED inspection in China. Our goal is to offer you all services around your China import from one source.


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