Reach laboratory testing in China

We will be happy to check the REACH requirements for your product in China.

Professional REACH testing for China products

REACH compliance for products from China

The REACH regulation is an EU chemicals regulation that serves to protect humans, animals and the environment. It applies in Germany and throughout Europe, both to chemicals manufactured there and to imported chemicals, and regulates the following aspects of chemicals:

  • Registration
  • Evaluation
  • Approval
  • Restriction

Most importantly for you as an importer: The REACH regulation also contains limits for the pollutant load of products.


Products imported from China must demonstrably comply with pollutant limits.


To ensure that these limits are not exceeded, REACH testing should be carried out in China. As your experienced China importer, we know the limits and the procedures used to prove safety. We proceed seriously and professionally, because only in this way can consequential damage be excluded. Those who economize here must expect problems with customs and considerable costs due to recalls and penalties. Therefore, trustworthy REACH testing in China is inevitable.


REACH testing in China in the BOTH testing laboratories

The Frisch Agency’s subsidiary, BEIDE Compliance Laboratory, operates REACH testing laboratories in China that meet the highest standards. Here, the REACH testing can be done in China for your products. We employ only top qualified personnel and ensure uncompromising quality. It is important to us that compliance with the REACH regulation is absolutely reliable for products from China that we import.

Products covered by the REACH regulation are, for example:

  • Clothing
  • Detergent
  • Colors/varnishes
  • furniture
  • Electrical appliances

However, many other product groups can also be contaminated with harmful substances. As your expert China importer, Agentur Frisch will be happy to advise you on the subject of REACH compliance for products from China, as well as REACH testing in China.


Reputable REACH testing laboratories in China

It is not enough to emphasize the importance of choosing a reputable, professional REACH testing laboratory in China. Dubious providers can lead to problems here that clearly outweigh the benefits of a supposedly cheaper test. BEIDE Compliance Laboratory offers you absolutely trustworthy REACH testing in China.

BEIDE Compliance Laboratory works in its REACH test laboratories in China according to German standards, with specialists who have all the necessary qualifications and certifications. We want the goods imported through us to go through customs and sales smoothly.


Risk analysis, declaration of conformity and other services

If you are importing products from China, it is recommended that you have a risk analysis performed. The Frisch Agency will be happy to perform this service for you as well. Our experts analyze your product and derive the measures to be taken, which in turn can be fulfilled directly by us. Beyond REACH compliance for products from China, we perform all testing that may be relevant to your product in our REACH testing laboratories in China upon request.

The Frisch Agency is proud to be able to offer you an all-round service. Due to our long experience and excellent expertise, we are able to offer you the best import service at a fair price. Comprehensive service and competent advice and the execution of your import at the highest level are our claim to ourselves. We have a large number of satisfied regular customers and would be happy to welcome you among them soon.


REACH testing in China – a service of your agency Frisch!

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