Declaration of conformity for your imported goods

For many mandatory tests, such as those for products subject to CE or products subject to the LFGB, a declaration of conformity is mandatory.

Declaration of Conformity: CE Marking for China Import

Compliance with the CE Directive when importing from China

The Product Safety Act stipulates that only products that comply with the rules and guidelines applicable in this country may be sold in Germany. As a China importer, you are legally treated as a manufacturer in Germany. This means that you are fully liable for the goods you place on the market. To ensure that no one is harmed as a result, products must comply with a wide range of guidelines. These can be, for example:

  • Machinery Directive
  • Measuring Instruments Directive
  • Toy Policy
  • Medical Device Directive
  • v.m.

In addition to the directives mentioned here, a large number of other regulations exist for other product groups. Many products also require the affixing of a CE mark. For this mark, in turn, the declaration of conformity is the basis and a necessary component.

The preparation of the declaration of conformity is necessary and belongs in the hands of professionals.

The declaration of conformity as part of the proof of CE compliant production in China is absolutely necessary part of China import. The Frisch Agency will gladly take over this service for you expertly and conscientiously.


CE during production in China

Those who affix the CE marking to their products declare that they are aware of the applicable standards and regulations and that their product complies with them. The CE mark is intended to ensure safety and trustworthiness when acting in a national, but also in an international context.

Not all products require CE marking. The product groups that must demonstrate compliance with the CE Directive through labeling include, for example:

  • Telecommunications resources
  • Measuring devices
  • Pyrotechnic objects
  • Building products
  • Toy
  • Protective equipment
  • Medical Devices
  • Boilers and gas appliances
  • Elevators
  • v.m.


Declaration of conformity as part of the operating instructions

In some cases, the Declaration of Conformity must be included in the operating instructions for each product sold. This is the case, for example, with the Machinery Directive. We will be happy to clarify for you whether your product is affected by this obligation. With the import all-round service of Agentur Frisch you have the possibility to have the examination and implementation of these obligations carried out directly and in the shortest possible way from one source.


CE compliant production by manufacturer in China

When selecting the manufacturers suitable for your order, we attach great importance to the fact that they can guarantee CE-compliant production. Therefore, only reputable business partners are considered, with whom there will be no nasty surprises later. Fixing all the terms and conditions in the contracts we draft on your behalf also provides more certainty around CE compliance for your China import.


Determination of the relevant standards and guidelines

The Declaration of Conformity, or CE Marking process, must identify and name the standards and directives that apply to your product. The Frisch Agency will be happy to perform this service for you. With our comprehensive expertise, we will find out for you which conditions you have to fulfill within the scope of CE marking when producing in China.


Without a declaration of conformity and, if applicable, CE marking, no import from China is possible!

Agentur Frisch will be happy to check the technical documentation of your production for you and use it to create the declaration of conformity that you absolutely need for import and distribution in Germany.


CE compliant production in China and compliance with the CE directive is not optional. These services are mandatory in order to import and sell goods to Germany. The Frisch Agency will be happy to advise you on this topic as well.


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