EMC testing in China

By consulting with China Import Agency Frisch, we can clarify any questions you may have about EMC testing.

Electromagnetic compatibility: EMC testing in China

Electromagnetic compatibility

EMC testing for compliance with the EMC Directive

Electromagnetic compatibility means that a device does not emit electromagnetic interference. This is necessary because otherwise all electronic devices would influence and interfere with each other. As part of the EMC testing according to Directive 2014/30/EU on electromagnetic compatibility, it is therefore tested whether devices comply with the requirements. Of course, the directive also applies to imported goods: EMC compliance for products from China is just as necessary as for domestically produced goods.

Product groups covered by the EMC Directive are, for example:

  • Industrial technology
  • Consumer electronics
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Aerospace technology
  • Medical Technology
  • Information Technology

The EMC test is also part of the CE marking and the declaration of conformity for these product groups.


CE marking and conformity assessment

CE marking is done to show that a product complies with harmonized EU requirements. It is an expression of manufacturer responsibility, of which EMC testing in China can be a part. Conformity assessment according to ISO/IEC 17000 is performed to ensure conformity with the Product Safety Act. Depending on the product group, it includes further tests according to various guidelines. In addition to the EMC Directive, these may include, for example:

  • Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU
  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU
  • Medical Devices Directive


EMC compliance for products from China

Anyone who imports products from China to Germany is liable for their quality and for any damage caused by them. EMC compliance for products from China is therefore not an optional option, but a mandatory requirement. Agentur Frisch will help you meet this obligation. We have our own laboratories where EMC testing can be done in China.


The EMC testing in China

Our subsidiary BEIDE Compliance Laboratory operates its own laboratories, where independent and reliable testing is carried out to German standards. EMC testing in China is one of them. We offer this service primarily to our import customers to make the import business as smooth as possible. Our EMC tests in China are absolutely comparable in quality to those in Germany, but at a much lower price.

EMC testing in China is essential to ensure compliance of products from China with the EMC Directive. Only with the inspection completed can products with a valid declaration of conformity and, if applicable, CE marking be imported into Germany.

EMC tests in China are necessary for compliance with German import regulations.


Low cost EMC testing in China

We can provide you with cost-effective EMC testing in China that is up to international standards. You will incur lower fees than with other providers. You also benefit from one-stop service: as your China importer, we know the entire process and integrate the tests into our other services, from production to transport and customs clearance.


Other services of Agentur Frisch

Within the framework of conformity assessment, we offer you a whole range of services. We are your reliable all-round service provider in China import to Germany. For example, through us you can also get the following service:

  • DIN standards testing
  • Risk analysis
  • Import rules analysis
  • Concrete solutions for compliance

A thorough and expert examination by us of the certificates and regulations required for your import product is useful to avoid problems with customs and German/international authorities. We are happy to offer you this service, as we are convinced that it will increase your and our prospects for successful and sustainable business in the import business.

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