According to ERP (eco-design), have it tested directly in China

Check directly on site in China whether the devices meet the specifications of the ERP directive.

ERP Guideline: Ecodesign Guideline Testing for China Products

ERP Directive (Ecodesign Directive)

ERP compliance for products from China

The Ecodesign Directive is a European directive designed to ensure optimal environmental performance and energy efficiency of products on the EU market. Anyone who imports goods from China must comply with the requirements of the ERP Directive in the same way as a producer in Germany. Under the directive are gathered very different products, each of which has its own regulations. The following product groups are covered by the Ecodesign Directive and the other directives assigned to it:

  • Office Technology
  • Household appliances
  • Consumer electronics
  • Lamps and lights
  • Air conditioners

Many other devices such as batteries, pumps, generators and several more also fall under the scope of the Ecodesign Directive.

Compliance with the ERP guideline is necessary to import from China to Germany!

No imports shall be made without verification of the products and compliance with this guideline. We urge that this should not be taken lightly.


ERP audit in China

As your all-round service provider for imports, we will be happy to organize the necessary ERP checks in China for you. Our subsidiary BEIDE operates its own laboratories where these tests can be carried out professionally and reliably. We also offer this service if you import through another import agency. Ideally, however, you place all services related to China import in one hand. This saves time and travel, and avoids misunderstandings and difficulties that might otherwise arise at the companies’ interfaces.


ERP compliance for products from China

Part of the Ecodesign Directive is proof of resource-conserving production conditions. The type and quantity of resources consumed must be documented, and it must be demonstrated that a resource-saving approach is being taken in the process. The guidelines attached to the ERP directive often also contain limit values that must be complied with as part of production. The manufacturers we commission fulfill their obligation to perform life cycle assessments in accordance with the ERP Directive. This way, we can ensure that there are no ERP compliance issues with products from China when they are imported.


Which products need ERP inspection in China?

To find out whether the products you import are among those covered by the ERP Directive, we will provide you with expert advice. We subject your import to an analysis and can carry out any necessary checks directly. As a rough guide, the following list may help you:

  • Heaters, air conditioners, fans, etc.
  • Consumer electronics, televisions, etc.
  • White goods (washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators)
  • Motors, compressors, generators
  • Machine tools

In principle, the ERP Directive covers all devices that have a not insignificant power consumption.

In some cases, regulations are still in the preliminary stages of validity. Here, too, we advise you on the basis of current developments.


Risk analysis, DIN standards testing and more

The services of Agentur-Frisch include thorough checks for compliance with the ERP Directive for products from China, as well as all other relevant directives, regulations, standards and laws. We are very familiar with this area. Our legal department will be happy to check what measures you need to take to comply with all regulations and realize a smooth China import.

This also includes writing the declaration of conformity, CE marking and all other steps that are indispensable for a China import. You are welcome to place these services in our hands.

We advise you competently and take care of everything around your China import for you.

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