Import infrared heaters from China

When purchasing infrared panels, rely on the experience of the Frisch agency.

Infrared heaters for use in small and large rooms

Infrared panels bring the advantage that they radiate heat immediately, so immediately pleasantly warm as soon as they are turned on. Since, unlike fan heaters, there is no whirling up of air, there is also no whirling up of dust and can also be used for allergy sufferers. In addition, infrared heating does not produce any operating noise, for example, from a motor or a fan. The infrared heater is simply plugged into the socket and switched on. The temperature can also be controlled with a handy thermostat that is plugged between the socket and the plug.

Cheap heaters for house and apartment

Infrared panels for heating house and apartment can be obtained very cheaply and are therefore a good alternative as a supplementary heater or emergency heating, for example, in the event of failure of oil or gas, or for rooms without permanently installed heating, such as garages, storage rooms or conservatories.

Infrared heaters for indoor use and heaters for outdoor use

Especially for outdoor use, infrared heaters have become more and more popular. Thus, in particular, catering establishments, restaurants or hotels use the heaters to provide additional pleasant heat in the spring or autumn when the weather is still quite pleasant, but still a little too cool. Fan heaters can be easily suspended thanks to preparations for holding systems considered on the back of the heating plate or can be easily set up with additionally orderable stands.

Efficient heating with infrared heaters

With infrared heating panels you heat with electricity and yet particularly effective and energy-saving. If you couple the power circuit with solar panels, the infrared heaters run entirely on renewable energy. The heaters radiate pleasant warmth after less than a minute, and the feeling of comfortable warmth in the room is created immediately. With a thermostat, the infrared panels can also keep a room comfortably at a certain temperature or control that a certain temperature is reached at a certain time, for example, that the room is warm when you return home from work.


Healthy and environmentally friendly heating with infrared heaters

Infrared heaters are environmentally friendly and conserve resources, because they are powered exclusively by electricity, which can also be obtained from renewable sources. Since infrared plates do not raise or burn dust, it is also very suitable for rheumatism patients, asthmatics and allergy suffer ers.


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