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Import jewelry and watches from China

China – The market for jewelry and watches

Numerous German importers import jewelry or watches from China. This includes watches under your own label, but also watches for marketing purposes, e.g. B. with advertising printing. But fashion jewelry for souvenir shops with production in China is also very popular in Europe. The advantage, of course, is that the importer can use fairly cheap logistics for jewelry, most shipments can be sent by air freight due to the small volume, and the importer or dealer in Germany does not need much storage space.

The Frisch agency supports numerous companies in Germany with the import of jewelry and watches from China, from the first inquiries to the delivery of the products .


Jewelry and Watches from China

It’s no longer a secret, China is one of the largest jewelry consumers in the world. In fact, it ranks second and has overtaken even America over the last few years. With the economic growth that has spread steadily over the last 30 years, the average income of the citizens has also increased. That is, more income, more money; more money more luxury goods; more luxury goods more jewelry. China realized pretty quickly that jewelry offered a different investment, a different kind of wealth. But it must also be mentioned that China looks back on a 3000-year-old culture, which also includes the manufacture of jewellery. Not to forget the green gemstone jade, from which many smaller and larger, often religious objects are still made today. In China, half of all luxury goods are bought in Asia and a third in Europe. Wealthy Chinese consumers love to show off their wealth with luxury goods such as jewelry and expensive watches. It will come as no surprise to those interested that China has now become the number 1 jewelry manufacturer in the world and has thus become competitive in the world economic market. Since 1980, Shenzhen in China in particular has developed from a poor fishing village into a modern metropolis. Currently, Shenzhen is one of the most important economic centers (also online) as well as the hub of China’s gem and jewelry industry. Shenzhen is still considered the cradle of many start-ups and the largest jewelry manufacturer in China. In 2014, after three years of preparation, the “China Jewelry Index” was laid down. This is the first time in China’s history that a national database containing comprehensive information on China’s gem and jewelery industry is available. As a milestone in business development, the CJI (China Jewelry Index) is fully endorsed by the local Shenzhen government, with intellectual support from the Gem and Jewelry Trade Association of China. The Shenzhen Jewelry Exchange Center is a large-scale operation that has brought rapid economic growth to the city. The gross domestic product growth rate was 8.8 percent in 2013-2014, which is higher than the overall growth rate of all of China. This rapid growth attracted new immigrants from home and abroad. Since the 1980s, Shenzhen’s total population has multiplied from 30,000 to 18 million. There are more than 3,600 registered jewelry companies, more than 5,000 licensed retailers and 29 gem and jewelry exchange centers in Shenzhen. The industry employs more than 150,000 people. Shops in the exchange centers usually carry gold, jade, colored gemstones and diamond jewelry. It’s easy for wholesalers and retailers to find what they want and the choices are endless. Enzo is probably one of the largest and world famous jewelers in China. This company buys gemstones from around the world, cuts and polishes the stones, and then resells them wholesale or retail; either as jewelry or as individual stones. Enzo deals in over 100 different gemstones and regularly hosts fairs and exhibitions that attract wholesalers and retailers from around the world. Lorenzo is another notable jeweler in Shenzhen. In addition to international wholesale and retail, Lorenzo is also in business with Enzo. However, this is only for the retail sale of tourmaline. Lorenzo gets most of his raw materials directly from the mines, or the open market. All raw materials first go to Hong Kong where they are cataloged and stored. Since Shenzhen is a free trade zone, it can source its gemstones directly from Hong Kong without having to pay any further duties or taxes, which then has a positive effect on the purchase price for wholesalers and retailers as well as the end consumer.
Lorenzo’s mass production begins with stone grading and quality control in order to always offer future customers the same high quality. (By the way, it takes the trained eye no more than a second, per stone, to decide the quality of a diamond). It’s not just the free trade zone that makes jewelry making prices so attractive to buyers of all kinds. Thanks to the vast amounts of precious stones and gold that China needs to produce jewelry, China can buy from the world at wholesale prices. When it comes to gold, China has specialized in 24-carat gold, as this is considered the purest of all gold types. Time is money – and that is certainly true in China.

Watches from China

The watch industry in China is not limited to watch production, but a variety of time instruments and their accessories, such as springs, dials, hands or entire watch movements. A wealthy Chinese businessman likes to show off his status with a watch to match. It is therefore not surprising that China is a global market for branded watches. This is accessible almost everywhere, both for wholesale and retail, online and direct purchase. The Chinese watch market is still an interesting market for foreign watch manufacturers (to name just two: Apple and Swiss watches), despite stricter government regulations that have somewhat restricted watch exports from China. However, the trend has shifted towards catching the attention of an ever-increasing stream of customers, rather than selling more and more expensive and complicated watches.
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