LVD Guidelines Consulting

China Import Agentur Frisch will be happy to advise you on questions regarding the LVD directive for products from China.

Low voltage technology – LVD directive for products from China

Low Voltage Engineering (LVD)

Compliance with LVD directive for production from China

The Low Voltage Directive, together with the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive, is the most important directive for the sale of electronic products in the German/European area. It contains all the requirements necessary to ensure the safe operation of this equipment and to minimize the risk of damage to people, animals, the environment and property.

Compliance with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) for production in China is mandatory. Without it, no import of affected devices to Germany is possible.

Covered by the LVD directive are, for example:

  • Lighting equipment
  • Electrical devices
  • Electrical cables
  • Power supply devices (e.g. power supply units)
  • Laser devices

The wording on the scope of the directive is: “electrical equipment for use at a nominal voltage between 50 and 1000 V for alternating current and between 75 and 1500 V for direct current”. Our experts will be happy to clarify for you whether the product you have imported falls under this category.


LVD testing in China

To ensure compliance with the LVD directive for production in China, tests must be carried out in accordance with this directive. This is the only way to prevent costly and time-consuming damage, delays and criminal proceedings.

Our laboratories will be happy to perform the LVD tests in China for you. Generally, these are performed in the testing laboratories of our subsidiary BOTH Compliance Laboratories. This optimizes the production and testing process and minimizes the risk of losses and poor communication between vendors. It makes sense if you use the LVD testing in China embedded in the service of the agency Frisch.


Dealer obligations: LVD testing, declaration of conformity & Co.

If you import products from China to Germany, you must have a declaration of conformity. With this you declare that you comply with the regulations applicable in Germany. For example, the following tasks may be part of the declaration of conformity:

  • Performing safety checks
  • Preparation of technical documentation
  • Enclose operating instructions
  • Affixing the CE marking


Compliance with LVD directive for production in China

We cannot stress enough that LVD compliance is not to be taken lightly when manufacturing in China. The requirements specified therein and in the Product Safety Act (ProdSG) must be complied with.

As your reputable and competent China importer, we are of course happy to help you with this and all related tasks. On request, we carry out risk analyses and risk assessments, find out for you which German and European standards have to be taken into account, and provide you with practical and unambiguous advice on all topics relating to conformity and safe import.

LVD compliance for production in China is part of this.


Exceptions for electronic devices

There are a number of electronic devices that operate in the low voltage range but are still not covered by the LVD directive. This is partly the case when they are covered by other policies. Examples of such products are:

  • Electrical equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Electro-radiological and electro-medical equipment
  • Electrical parts of passenger and freight elevators
  • Electricity meter
  • Devices for power supply of electric pasture fences
  • Radio interference suppression

Otherwise, all low-voltage electronic devices, from wall clocks to weather stations, fall under the LVD directive. LVD testing in China is essential when planning to import these products.


Agentur Frisch will be happy to advise you and take care of all tasks related to compliance with the LVD directive for production in China!

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