DIN standards testing in China

China Import Agentur Frisch offers you consultations about the applicable DIN standards of your product from China.

China Import DIN Standards Testing

DIN standards testing

Compliance with DIN standards in China

It is the gold standard of German safety requirements: The DIN standard. DIN standards describe the requirements that are placed on a wide variety of products and processes. At the same time, most DIN standards themselves are not legally binding. It only makes sense to fulfill and name them, as they already contain all the claims that can be made on a product in Germany. If one tries to meet these legal requirements without referring to the standard, this is usually much more time-consuming. We therefore always recommend that you use the relevant standards as a guide.

Products that do not comply with German safety regulations cannot be placed on the market.

Frisch Agency offers the following services in connection with DIN standards compliance in China:

  • Determination of the relevant standards for your product
  • Evaluation of the standards
  • Concrete recommendations for action for your product

This is a service that you should definitely take advantage of. Without standards-based security testing, significant problems with customs and other authorities can be expected. In most cases, products will not be able to be imported into China without checking DIN standards.


Determination of the relevant standards for your product

As a long-standing China importer, we have already imported a wide variety of goods and know the relevant standards. Unusual products are also included. Basically, every product is covered by the German/European standards landscape, from shovel excavators to nail clippers. Often there is more than one standard or guideline with reference to the product group. We determine for you which standards are relevant for the product you import from China.


Evaluation of the standards

With the standards we identify for your product, you can get to work figuring out and meeting the requirements yourself.

Or you can put the matter in our hands. With our experience and know-how, we are able to determine the product-related requirements much more efficiently in most cases.

We find out for you which requirements from which standards you have to fulfill.

This can be in the context of testing DIN standards in China, for example:

  • Construction
  • Materials
  • Texture
  • Prohibited substances
  • Information requirements



Concrete recommendations for action for your product

One of our services is to derive the recommendations for action for your imported product from the standards determined, if desired. We analyze your individual situation and develop concrete solutions to ensure compliance with DIN standards in China.

As your China importer, we are ideally suited for this – we already know your production processes like no other. In addition, we can draw on our extensive experience and propose or initiate the appropriate measures in the shortest possible time.

Often, standard-compliant products can be achieved with little effort by making adjustments in advance or optimizing at an early stage.


Timeliness in the testing of DIN standards in China

Standards are reviewed regularly every five years and updated as necessary. In addition, technical or other innovations can lead to new editions even before this deadline. As a result, requirements that were valid only a short time ago may now be obsolete. The Frisch Agency ensures that you always work on the current normative basis.


Don’t leave compliance with DIN standards in China to chance – put it in the hands of Agentur Frisch!

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