Food from China

Food, specialties and noodles from China

Chinese cuisine has been extremely popular in Germany for decades. Therefore, we are happy to offer the purchase of food from China through our trading partners. You can not only obtain Asian food from our manufacturers in China, but also all other food products from all over the world. Of course, we also pay attention to absolutely reliable producers and compliance with all relevant guidelines in this sensitive market segment!


Import delicious food from China

The Chinese are masters of imitation manufacturing, so it’s no wonder their factories also produce top-quality Western foods. Basically, everything is available here in large quantities that is not protected as a regional specialty and may only be produced in the appropriate place. All other foods can be imported directly from China via short distribution channels. For example, you will find in the range of our business partners:

  • meat and sausage
  • cheese specialities
  • pasta and rice
  • Vegetables and fruits (frozen or canned)
  • honey, jams, spreads
  • fish and seafood


Quality for connoisseurs – delicatessen from China

Foodstuffs imported from China can also be found in the high-priced range. Caviar and truffles, champagne and many other delicacies are now produced in China and meet the highest demands of connoisseurs. Get in touch with us to find out how cheap it is to import even the highest quality food products from China!


Drinks from A to Z from China

Well packaged, all products from the beverage sector can also be imported from China. Even high-quality spirits are now bottled there under the most professional conditions with such high quality that even experts are impressed. Let yourself be inspired by these and other possibilities of importing beverages from China:

  • whiskey
  • Wines (red, white, rosé)
  • Brandies and Cognac
  • gin
  • fruit brandies
  • lemonades
  • Juices (organic and regular)


Coffee and tea from China for every quality level

China is widely known for its tea, which of course also finds its way into export. It doesn’t matter whether you want to offer your customers absolute premium tea at low prices or prefer simpler alternatives – our business partners will fulfill your every wish in this regard. When it comes to coffee, the perfect solution in terms of quality and price can be found here for every idea.


Everything organic or what?!

The organic market in Germany is booming. Not only since Corona, many consumers value organic quality in food and drink. Chinese producers have also reacted to this development and are now offering certified organic food from China. As a wholesaler or bulk consumer, you can order organic food from China in large quantities at unbelievably low prices.


Asian food from China as authentic as it is original

If you want to sell Asian groceries, nothing makes more sense than buying them directly from the manufacturer in China. For example, we offer you noodles from China, rice and many other specialties. The products can either be purchased directly from production for the Chinese market or specially adapted for Western tastes. Talk to us about your ideas and we will also develop our own brands and products for you if you wish.

You can obtain the following Asian food from China from us, among many others:

  • Rice and noodles from China
  • Asian fruits and vegetables (frozen or canned)
  • Finished products (e.g. ready-made noodles from China)
  • Spice mixes and spices
  • Asian beverages


With the agency fresh you import food from China safe and tasty.