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With the advice of China Import Agency Frisch, you will not make any mistakes when importing measuring instruments.

Measuring instrument directive for products from China

Measuring Instruments Directive

Compliance with the Measuring Instruments Directive for production from China

Measuring devices are used to collect important data with which further work is done. Therefore, particularly high demands must be placed on the measuring devices themselves. Their calibration, measuring accuracy, type and intervals of calibration and much more are regulated in the Measuring Instruments Directive. Anyone who imports measuring equipment from China must ensure compliance with the directive – otherwise it can be expensive. As your experienced China importer, we are of course happy to take care of this aspect of your import. We carry out the necessary tests and obtain the appropriate certificates.

For example, the following important products are covered by the Measuring Instruments Directive:

  • Water meter
  • Gas meter
  • Electricity meter
  • Heat meter
  • automatic scales

In addition, devices for measuring lengths such as folding rules, rulers or measuring tapes are also partly included in the products covered. Exhaust gas analyzers and taximeters are also subject to the Measuring Instruments Directive, whose full name is “Directive 2004/22/EC on measuring instruments”.

Please note: Import of measuring instruments is only possible with proven compliance with the measuring instrument guideline for production in China!

We will be happy to carry out the necessary tests for you in accordance with the Measuring Instruments Directive in China. We have laboratories and qualified personnel to perform these tests professionally and as required.


Testing according to measuring instrument directive in China

The central element of compliance with the Measuring Instruments Directive for production in China is the Declaration of Conformity. It confirms that the directives, standards and regulations applicable in Germany for the product group in question are complied with. Initial calibration and documentation are components of this process – tasks that can only be performed by specialists in suitable rooms.


BOTH Compliance Laboratory of the Agency Frisch

With its subsidiary BEIDE Compliance Laboratory, the Frisch Agency operates professional testing laboratories, in which, among other things, tests in accordance with the Measuring Instruments Directive can be carried out in China. For this purpose, we employ only qualified personnel and apply strict standards to the test conditions. We meet the requirements of the Measuring Instruments Directive and even exceed them on request.


Measurement and Calibration Act (MessEG) and Measurement and Calibration Ordinance (MessEV)

In Germany, the basis for compliance with the European Measuring Instruments Directive in the case of production in China is the Measuring Instruments Act (MessEG) and the Measuring Instruments Ordinance (MessEV). These specify the directive in more detail and contain all the requirements to be met by measuring instruments. Our specialist department is very familiar with the subject matter and can provide you with optimum advice on all questions relating to compliance with the Measuring Instruments Directive for production in China. We offer you an integrated all-round service. This holistic approach saves costs, time and effort.


Declaration of Conformity

When importing many products from China to Germany, a declaration of conformity must be available. This is checked and must meet the respective requirements so that there are no difficulties with customs and other authorities. The Frisch agency knows the procedures and standards exactly and can therefore prepare and carry out your import perfectly. The creation of a declaration of conformity in accordance with the requirements is naturally part of this.


Calibration and testing by independent bodies

Not every product can be tested by us. Some products require external testing by government-approved testing agencies. Here we take over the preliminary tests and make sure that the test by the inspection body is positive. These products include:

  • Water meter
  • Gas meter
  • Electricity meter
  • Heat meter


We will be happy to advise you on the subject of compliance with the Measuring Instruments Directive for production in China – independently and competently.

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