Entrepreneurs and start-ups

What are startups and how can we help them?

A Start-up company is a newly founded company with a particularly innovative business idea. Our customers from the start-up sector often finance themselves through development banks, venture capital or often through crowdfunding. It is often business areas that are not yet very popular online and a new online market area is being built up. The innovation and scalability is often very high. In many cases, the startups are sold by the founder after a few years on the market, this often also applies to brands that have been successfully established on Amazon. According to the German Startup Monitor (DSM), in 2020 most startups were founded in the information and communication technology sector with 31.8%, followed by the nutrition and food/consumer goods industry with 10.7%. Startups often do not yet have their own structure for a China import project, but the first glance often goes to China, since short-term productions and favorable developments are usually much easier to organize there, i.e. in Europe, but with a much higher risk and therefore we are the partner of the startups, so that the startup is already in the initial phase can act like a company that has been active in this area for several years. #

A study of 101 startups who have failed in the past shows that the top three reasons for failure are:

  1. A product was developed that nobody wanted to buy. (42 percent)
  2. The budget was used up before sufficient sales could be achieved. (29 percent)
  3. The founding team did not fit together psychologically. (23 percent)

In fourth place is an external cause: A competitor was stronger or even so strong that the startup was unable to assert itself against it. Therefore, we are committed to finding solutions for the startups to become stronger in the short term than the initially strongest competitors.

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