Checking working conditions in China

With the audits of the Frisch Agency, you check the compliance with social conditions at your supplier’s site.

Careful examination of working conditions in China

Verification of compliance with internationally recognized working conditions

Conducting social audits and more in China

Time and again, China has been criticized for inhumane working conditions. In response, UN guidelines have been issued, and the so-called “Supply Chain Act” will also come into force in Germany in 2023. We at the Agentur Frisch believe that it is possible and necessary to have extremely lucrative production in China, even under humane working conditions. The key to this is the best knowledge of the market, reliable connections, and a lean company. Therefore, the Agentur Frisch will provide you with the following services:

  • Implementation of social audits in China
  • Examination of the social conditions of production in China
  • Ensure compliance with the supply chain law


Social audits in China

By conducting social audits in China, we check on site whether the requirements for internationally recognized working conditions are being met. We either convince ourselves directly in the companies or entrust this task to our proven and absolutely reliable employees in China. The aspects that are examined during a social audit in China include:

  • Occupational health and safety
  • Age of employees (child labor/elderly labor)
  • Employment of very pregnant or sick women
  • Compliance with working hours/break times/holidays
  • Adequacy and payment of wages
  • Existence of employee representation
  • General working conditions

By conducting thorough and conscientious social audits, grievances can be identified and resolved before they become problems. In general, however, we only select companies for cooperation from the outset where there are no difficulties in the area of working conditions. Our philosophy is that profits made through poor working conditions do not pay off, if only because of the damage and penalties that can be expected. The producers we work with should also meet our ethical standards.


The Supply Chain Act – our responsibility as entrepreneurs

As a China importer, we are subject to legal obligations, and so are you as an entrepreneur importing goods from China. We help you comply with applicable regulations while still maximizing profit margins.

The Supply Chain Act requires companies that import goods or components to guarantee compliance with human rights and environmental due diligence obligations along the supply chain. This places a great responsibility on importing companies. Violations can be expensive.

As an experienced and reputable China importer, we ensure that you do not come into conflict with the supply chain law. We check for you the social conditions of your production in China, as well as the environmental aspects. We ensure compliance with human rights in the manufacturing of goods imported through us in China. This is a straightforward and secure way to comply with your legally binding due diligence obligations – let us do it for you.


Audit of environmental protection and social conditions of production in China

The Supply Chain Law provides for aspects of environmental protection in addition to compliance with the social conditions of production in China. In the course of the global task of preserving the environment for us and future generations, this is a necessity that we, as a reputable China importer, naturally comply with. Among the aspects of environmental protection in China, for example:

  • Compliance with emission values
  • Use of approved chemical substances
  • Correct handling of wastewater/waste


As well as compliance with the following international agreements in the context of environmental protection in China:

  • Minamata Convention on Mercury
  • Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants
  • Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal


The specifications for compliance with environmental protection and social conditions in production in China are very clear. Agentur Frisch is committed to meeting and, if necessary, exceeding these requirements. As the founder of the Association of Loud Importers, we are at the forefront of fulfilling these legal obligations.



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